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Image 7 of 11 - VM3200 + HDBaseT I/O boards + HDBaseT transmitter/receiver view
Image 8 of 11 - A government institution in Korea has successfully adopted VM1600 solution to accommodate their needs for various training programs.</BR>This cost-effective solution not only saved cost on additional accessories to integrate with all key equipment, but also facilitated system operations with elevated efficiency. view

Image 9 of 11 - A world renowned casino in Asia successfully adopted VM1600 to deliver live feeds from many surveillance cameras in the casino to multiple displays located in the</BR>server room, and a 4x4 video wall set up in the control room simultaneously, so as to provide effective monitoring of all activities. view
Image 10 of 11 - Component specification matrix.<BR>

* HDMI audio signal can be extracted as stereo audio. Stereo audio can also be embedded into the HDMI audio output.<BR>
** For the VM8514, Seamless Switch™, scaler support and video wall function are only available when it is used with the VE805R.<BR>
*** Audio signal type: stereo, balanced / unbalanced view

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Model No. VM3200 In stock

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32x32 modular digital matrix A/V switch (chassis) 

VM3200 modular digital matrix switch offers advanced access and real-time control of multiple local and remote A/V input devices and displays from a single chassis. VM3200 allows users to independently switch and route video and/or audio content directly to various monitors, displays, projectors and/or speakers simply by pressing front panel push-buttons.

A built-in scaler encodes the video format in order to provide seamless, real-time switching. Operators can work from 4x4 up to 32 x 32 inputs and outputs simultaneously, as well as incorporate multiple digital video formats within the setup. It uses TMDS technology to support high speed data transfer at 1080p / 1920x1200 @ 60Hz / 4Kx2K @ 30Hz (4:4:4).

The front panel LCD shows a quick view of active port connections, with an option to select an EDID mode that yields the best resolution across different monitors.

VM3200 is easily expandable and accommodates a lineup of hot-swappable ATEN I/O boards. Equipped with automatic signal conversion, it allows any combination of digital video formats, such as DVI (VM7604/VM8604) and HDMI (VM7804/VM8804), thus making it ideal for large-scale A/V applications such as broadcasting stations, traffic and transportation-related control rooms, emergency service centers and any application that requires customizable high speed A/V signal routing.

Combining these devices, this solution can be conveniently customized, allowing users to independently switch and route video and/or audio signals to various monitors, displays, projectors and/or speakers simply by pressing front panel pushbuttons. VM3200's built-in scaler encodes video formats in order to provide seamless, real-time switching while ensuring stable signal transmission. In addition, the front panel LCD shows a quick view of active port connections, and includes an option to select an EDID Mode that yields the best resolution across different monitors.

VM3200VM3200 is easily expandable and accommodates ATEN's hot-swappable I/O boards. Equipped with automatic signal conversion, it allows a combination of digital video formats, thus making it ideal for large-scale A/V applications.

Setup is fast and easy; install the modular I/O boards by sliding them into VM3200's rear panel slots, then plug the device cables into the appropriate ports on the I/O boards and your ready.

This solution can be connected to the network through VM3200's LAN port, allowing the installation to take advantage of internal CAT-5 Ethernet wiring built into most modern commercial buildings. Once initial network setup has been accomplished at the local level, VM3200 can be conveniently managed remotely using any web browser. Furthermore, for complete systems integration, VM3200's built-in RS-232 and RS-485/RS-422 ports allows the switch to be configured through a high-end controller or PC.

VM3200 offers real-time control and advanced access to manage up to 32 video sources and 32 displays simultaneously, through modular I/O boards in a single chassis. Empowered by ATEN Seamless Switch™ technology, the matrix switch, incorporating a speed-progressive video switching function and a unique scaler, integrates seamlessly with video wall systems - to project live video with precision in any dimension on a perfect timeline.

The installation is fully expandable with modular I/O boards that provide plug-n-play connectivity with an extensive portfolio of analogue and digital A/V equipment. The modular I/O boards are hot-pluggable for any occasion that requires quick replacement of A/V connections without shutting down any existing service.

ATEN VM3200 is a powerful integrated A/V setup targeted towards broadcasting stations, traffic and transportation-related control rooms, emergency service centers and any application that requires customizable high speed A/V signal routing.

Video Wall Integration with Scaler
Built into VM3200 is a high-powered video wall processor. With a state-of-the-art processor, VM3200 easily manages multiple wall configurations such as a 4x4 or 3x3 plus a 2x2, or four 2x2's. With a simple GUI interface for the user to customize the audio/video wall outputs, VM3200 provides high flexibility for multiple applications from one box. A unique scaler utilizing ATEN FPGA technology is built in VM3200 to unify various video input signals and render optimum output resolutions on displays with uncompromised precision. Through an intuitive web GUI, up to 32 video wall profiles can be created with custom screen layouts, viable in a wide range of pro-A/V applications.

Integrated Control Mechanism
VM3200 features an all-in-one control mechanism that integrates video wall processing and matrix switching capability in a single chassis. This new approach not only simplifies installation with streamlined management, but contributes to overall system reliability.

Seamless Switch™
ATEN Seamless Switch™ technology features instantaneous video switching to deliver Full HD video powered by an exclusive seamless engine implemented at each output port. This high-performance engine processes A/V signals by executing EDID and HDCP handshakes simultaneously at both source and display ends, scaling inputs for the best output resolution while setting the output clock timing, and using a frame buffer to retain input signal information for the fastest output.

Installation of Hot-pluggable Components
The modular matrix switch solution, encompassing hot-pluggable I/O boards, allows video sources of any interface type to be routed independently to target displays of any interface, making it easy and flexible to cross play video in any matrix.

High-Availability System
VM3200 is equipped with a spare slot for a redundant power module, in case of an unexpected power outage. This prevents single points of failure from experiencing system downtime, keeping the system highly available at all times without interrupting any existing services.

Features and Benefits
• Connects any of 32 video sources to any of 32 displays in combination with ATEN modular matrix solutions
• Built-in scaler on each output port converts input resolutions into the display's native resolution
• Supports 4K resolutions up to Ultra-HD (3840x2160) and DCI (4096x2160) with refresh rates of 30 Hz (4:4:4) and 60 Hz (4:2:0)
• Seamless Switch™ – ATEN FPGA design unifies video formats to provide continuous video streams, real-time switching, and stable signal transmissions*
• Video aall – allows you to create custom video wall layouts via intuitive web GUI
• Live stream of connected video channels and image preview of video wall layouts via web GUI
• Calendar-based scheduling plays connection profiles synchronized with real-time clock
• EDID Expert™ – selects optimum EDID settings for smooth power-up and highest quality display
• Multiple control methods – system management via front-panel pushbuttons, RS-232, RS-485/422, and Ethernet (Telnet / Web GUI) connections
• Hot-pluggable fan and power modules for easy maintenance and higher reliability
• Flexible system expandability via hot-swappable tool-free installation of I/O boards
• Optional redundant power supply that ensures reliability for mission-critical applications
• Audio-enabled, HDMI audio can be extracted, and stereo audio can be embedded (VM7804/VM8804)
• HDMI (3D, Deep Color) (VM7804/VM8804); HDCP 1.4 compatible
• Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) support (VM7804/VM8804)
• ESD protection for HDMI
• Firmware upgradeable
• Aluminum frame provides light-weight design
• Rack mountable

Package Contents
1x VM3200 modular matrix switch (chassis)
1x Power Cord
1x Terminal Block connector
1x User Instructions

Available Modular Input Boards (purchased separately - see below)
• VM7904 - 4-port DisplayPort input card
• VM7814 - 4-port 4K HDMI input card
• VM7804 - 4-port HDMI input card
• VM7514 - 4-port HDBaseT input card
• VM7604 - 4-port DVI input card
• VM7404 - 4-port SDI input card
• VM7104 - 4-port VGA input card

Available Modular Output Boards (purchased separately - see below)
• VM8814 - 4-port 4K HDMI output card
• VM8804 - 4-port HDMI output card
• VM8514 - 4-port HDBaseT output card
• VM8604 - 4-port DVI output card

Available Modules (purchased separately - see below)
• VM-FAN556 - Fan module
• VM-PWR800-A - Modular power supply

* Note: If Seamless Switch is enabled, the video output will not display 3D, Deep Color or interlace (i.e., 1080i) resolution features. To availl of these features, you must disable Seamless Switch.



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