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16-port CAT-5 KVM switch 

• One KVM console controls 16 directly connected computers
• By daisy chaining up to 31 additional KH1516A switches, as many as 256 computers can be controlled from the original KVM console
• Superior video quality - upports video resolutions up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz for up to 98 feet; 1600x1200 @ 60Hz for up to 131 feet, and 1280x1024 @ 75Hz for up to 164 feet
• Three port selection methods: front panel push-buttons; hotkey keyboard combination; multi-language OSD (on screen display)

KH1516A KVM switches are control units that allow IT administrators to access and control multiple computers from a single USB (or PS/2) and VGA KVM console (keyboard, monitor, and mouse). Operators can take control of 16 computers. By daisy chaining up to 31 additional switches, as many as 512 computers can be controlled from a central KVM console.

These switches have been designed with unique and powerful features that enable administrators to manage their entire server room and data center devices easily and conveniently. For example, the advanced Adapter ID feature stores the adapter cable's (dongle's) configuration information such as its ID, port name, OS, keyboard language, and more. This feature allows administrators to relocate servers to different ports without having to reconfigure the adapters. Other advantages found with these switches includes Full HD video quality and the ability to extend the distance to the servers to up to 98 feet at a resolution of 1920x1200.

A KH1516A installation provides one of the best and most economical solutions ATEN has to offer the SMB market. There is no better way to save a data center time, space, and money than with a KH1516A KVM switch.

Easy Operation
Three port selection methods: front panel push-buttons, hotkey keyboard combination, and multi-language OSD (on screen display).

Auto Scanning and Broadcast Mode
Auto Scan provides hands-free monitoring of selected devices at changeable speeds. Broadcast Mode sends commands from the console to all computers, allowing you to perform operations (such as software installations, upgrades, shutdowns, etc.) on all computers simultaneously.

Multiple User Accounts
Supports up to 10 user and 1 administrator accounts.

Space-Saving RJ-45 Connectors and CAT-5e/6 Cabling
This space-saving innovation means that KH1516A can be conveniently installed in a 1U system rack, and the installation can take advantage of the internal network wiring built into most modern commercial buildings. This reduces cable clutter for a neat and tidy data center environment.

Adapter Cables (Dongles) with ID Function
KH1516A KVM switch supports automatic ID recognition of ATEN KA7000-series dongles. Using these adapters with an ID means no cables need to be reconfigured when moving them from port to port. Device ID and attributes are stored in the dongle allowing you to hot-swap port connections without having to change the settings.

Features and Benefits
• Space-saving RJ-45 connectors and CAT-5e/6 cabling
• Console conversion - any KVM console can control any type of computer; mixed video interfaces are supported on the computer side; mixed combinations (PS/2 & USB) are supported on both the KVM console and computer sides
• Configure port access rights for users on a port-by-port basis
• Multiplatform support - PC, Mac, Sun, and serial
• Multiple user accounts - supports up to 10 user and 1 administrator accounts
• Two-Level password security - supports one administrator and ten user profiles. Password protection prevents unauthorized access to the installation
• Auto Scan mode enables continuous monitoring of user-selected computers
• Broadcast Mode sends commands from the console to all computers - allowing you to perform operations (such as software installations, upgrades, shutdowns, etc.) on all computers simultaneously
• Adapter ID feature
• Firmware upgradeable

Package Content
1x KH1516A
1x Firmware upgrade cable
1x Power cord
1x Rack-mount kit
4x Foot pads
1x User instructions
Cables, dongles*/adapters are not included - see listing of compatible dongles*, cables and adapters below (and image on the left)

* While KA71xx dongles are compatible with this switch, any extra dongle feature (e.g. virtual media, CAC readers or audio) wouldn't be supported, being that it's not supported by the switch. Please refer to the KVM adapter-cable compatibility list for details.


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