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Seamless presentation switch with quad-view multistreaming


• Supports ATEN video-presentation control app for convenient collaboration and meeting presentations control using your mobile device
• Bi-directional wireless content streaming of up to 4 participants simultaneously with quad-view support
• Built-in audio DSP – mixes mic input, HDMI input, and the last streaming input for HDMI or audio output
• Advanced online idea-sharing functions – Whiteboard, Chat Room, File Sharing, Group Broadcasting, and Video Capture

4x WiFi BYOD devices


ATEN VP2120 seamless presentation switch integrates video matrix switch, AV streaming, audio mixing, and collaborative functions into one compact device.

With one HDMI input, dual HDMI outputs, plus four bi-directional streaming channels, VP2120 empowers BYOD collaboration for more efficient and productive meetings in huddle spaces and huddle rooms, as well as small- to medium-size meeting rooms.

VP2120 is a seamless presentation switch that integrates video matrix switch, quad-view multistreaming, audio DSP, and idea-sharing platform into one compact device. With the seamless switching between streaming sources, the online idea exchanging features, and the network capability that enables the wireless connection for mobile devices, VP2120 and ATEN video-presentation control app empower wireless BYOD collaboration anytime when a short catch-up, quick meeting, instant brainstorm, stand-up, or ad hoc call is needed.

Designed for flexible and spontaneous team collaboration, VP2120 along with ATEN video-presentation control app facilitates BYOD meetings with the straightforward user interface that give users quick and easy access to any on-the-fly meetings.

Joining an online meeting is easy and secure. Participants can just bring their own devices and use the private QR code or room code, or auto scan the local network to get available room list to log in, even when they're not physically in the same area.

VP2120 allows bi-directional content streaming of up to 4 participants simultaneously. With the built-in multi-view mode, the streamed sources can be displayed on the same screen, which the layout dynamically adjusts to suit the number of sources available. Participants can also focus a streaming input to display full screen or view the go-live screen together for synchronization.

Moreover, the built-in audio DSP allows remote participants to broadcast to meeting members using their own devices, with the sound mixed with the program audio.

VP2120 along with ATEN video-presentation control app also feature more advanced online idea-sharing functions:
• Whiteboard allows real-time annotation for idea exchange and synchronization
• Chat Room feature enhances interaction between participants
• File Sharing enables further data sharing and follow-up
• Video Capture records the meeting process for future tracking.

This collaborative presentation solution facilitates any forms of small-group discussion that gives an immediate boost to team work.

BYODStream from Any BYOD Device
VP2120 allows participants to join meetings wirelessly from laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making collaboration from almost any mobile device extremely fast and easy. Just simply log-in to join the meeting or start sharing your presentation contents from the Web GUI or from ATEN video-presentation control app on any Apple or Android mobile device.

Simultaneous Bi-directional Multistreaming
VP2120Expedite collaboration with bi-directional content streaming of up to 4 participants simultaneously. Click the "Start Sharing" button to stream in presentation contents from your laptop or mobile device, as well as "Go Live" to stream out presentation contents in real-time to participants located in different rooms or separate floors.
Streamed contents can be displayed across all participants' devices as well.

Quad View Flexibility with Auto Layout
The built-in multi-view mode allows up to 4 streamed-in sources to be displayed in quad view on the same screen, and dynamically adjusts its layout according to the number of sources available. Participants can select a streamed-in source to enlarge and make it full-screen, enhancing the flexibility of spontaneous presentation adjustments according to meet the needs of fast-moving discussions.

Real-time Whiteboard Annotation
Whiteboard facilitates discussions by enabling multiple participants to take notes and make annotations on any file in real-time. It provides an intuitive experience by featuring text input, pencil, and image upload, as well as drag-and-drop and enlarge functions. Whiteboard contents can be saved and shared with others for efficient post-meeting follow-up, execution, and decision making.

Instant Chat Room Sharing
Chat Room enhances interaction and information sharing between participants. Participants can instantly chat with each other or send files to all participants at once to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has access to relevant information for the meeting.

Mobile App for Engaging Collaboration
Join meetings via ATEN video-presentation control app that allows you to share content and collaborate directly from your smartphone. This free app features sharing, Whiteboard, and Chat Room, as well as control capabilities to help you deliver smooth, engaging, and productive meetings.

This free app provides direct and easy access to collaborate and control meeting presentations from your mobile device. Featuring bi-directional wireless streaming and convenient collaboration widgets such as WhiteBoard, Chat Room, File Sharing, and Group Broadcasting, it helps you deliver smooth, engaging, and productive meetings.

Built-in Audio DSPBuilt-in Audio DSP
The audio DSP allows remote participants to use their own devices to speak to meeting members. The last streamed in audio is broadcasted to all meeting participants and mixed with the program audio.

Data Protection with Secure Connections
VP2120 connects to your existing network infrastructure which ensures the layer of corporate IT security protection needed, especially when it comes to sharing wirelessly. Log-ins can be controlled by randomly generated room codes to ensure that only related people have access to the meeting and the data shared during it.

Brilliant AV Routing
• One HDMI input and dual HDMI outputs plus 4 bi-directional streaming with matrix display support
• Seamless switching between streamed-in sources for fast idea exchange
• Scaler – features a video scaling function to convert input resolutions to the optimum display resolutions
• Audio DSP – mix mic input, HDMI input, and the last streaming input for HDMI or audio output
• HDMI audio de-embedding support

VP2120Launch a Quick Meeting Anytime
• Launches wireless BYOD collaboration via Web GUI and mobile app in a swift and agile way
• Offers quick and easy access to log in a quick meeting via multiple methods:
- Start auto scan and select a room number from the list
- Scan the QR code shown on VP2120 OSD
- Load a pre-saved QR code
- Input the IP address and Room code shown on the OSD

Seamless BYOD Collaboration
• Multiple control method via front-panel pushbuttons, web GUI, OSD, IR remote, and mobile app
• Streaming in – view up to 4 streamed-in contents simultaneously for real-time synchronization
• Streaming out – allows log-in participants to view the go-live contents on personal devices
• Multi-view with auto layout – dynamically adjusts the layout to suit the number of streamed-in sources available
Whiteboard allows real-time annotation for idea exchange and synchronization
• Chat room feature enhances text interaction and information sharing
• Video capture records the meeting process for future tracking
• File sharing enables further data sharing and follow-up

High-definition Video with Optimum Output
• Superior video quality up to 1920x1080 with single streaming input and 854x480 with four streaming inputs
• EDID Expert™ – automatically selects the optimum EDID settings for smooth power-up, high-quality display, and the best video resolution across connected devices
• HDMI (1080p); CEC (Consumer Electronics Control); HDCP 1.4 compliant

Package Contents
1x VP2120 seamless presentation switch
1x IR Receiver
1x IR Remote Control
1x Power Adapter
1x User Instructions


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