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2-port DisplayPort/USB KVM switch 

with 4K Ultra HD support 

ATEN CS782DP 2-Port USB DisplayPort KVM Switch features 4K Ultra HD video resolution and allows users to access two 4K-enabled computers from a single USB keyboard, USB mouse, and DisplayPort video console.

CS782DP offers DisplayPort functionality, USB 2.0 peripheral sharing (via a USB hub attached to the USB mouse port), a rich bass experience for 2.1 surround systems and a firmware upgrade function that allows you to keep up with latest available versions.

Supporting the latest DisplayPort technology, CS782DP offers 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160 @ 60Hz) resolution for premium image quality and vivid high-definition sound for music, movies and games.

Another feature of the CS782DP is the implementation of a remote port selector. This means that you can now control port switching from the desktop while the switch itself can be placed in a convenient, out-of-the-way location. Also, in addition to new hotkeys, CS782DP offers the latest mouse port-switching function – simply double-click on the scroll wheel of a USB mouse to change ports.

Finally, CS782DP's power on detection feature means that if one of the computers is powered off, CS782DP will automatically switch to the other computer if powered-on.

Featuring an unbeatable combination of DisplayPort functionality, USB 2.0 peripheral sharing convenience and enhanced userfriendly operations, CS782DP allows users to keep ahead of the latest innovations in desktop multimedia and productivity.

Features and Benefits
• One DisplayPort video console controls two USB computers
• Fully DisplayPort 1.2 Compliant
• Computer selection via remote port selector, hotkeys, and USB mouse*
• Superior video quality – up to 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160 @ 60Hz)
• Multiplatform support – Windows, Mac, Sun, Linux
• HDCP compliant
• Supports MST (Multi-Stream Transport)**, enabling multiple monitors to be used via a single DisplayPort connector
• Supports DisplayPort Dual Mode (DP++)*** for directly outputting single-link HDMI and or DVI signals via an externally powered DisplayPort-to-HDMI/DVI DP++ adapter
• Compatible with widescreen LCD monitors
• Power on detection – if either of the computers is powered off, CS782DP will automatically switch to the other computer
• Audio-enabled – full bass response provides a rich experience for 2.1 channel surround sound systems
• Supports HD Audio**** through DisplayPort playback
• Independent switching of the KVM and Audio focus**** allows convenient multi-tasking
• Supports multimedia keyboards
• Supports wireless keyboards and mice
• Console mouse port emulation/bypass feature supports most mouse drivers and multifunction mice
• Mac/Sun keyboard support and emulation*****
• USB 2.0 mouse port can be used for USB hub and USB peripheral sharing******
• Bus-Powered
• Firmware upgradable

Package Contents
1x CS782DP 2-Port USB DisplayPort KVM Switch
2x DisplayPort Cables
2x USB Cables
2x Audio Cables
1x Remote Port Selector
1x User Instructions

* Mouse port switching is only supported under mouse emulation mode and by USB 3-key wheel mice.
** MST (Multi-Stream Transport) requires either monitors that are capable of DisplayPort 1.2 daisy chaining, or use of an externally powered DisplayPort MST Hub. The PC source must be DisplayPort 1.2 compliant. DP++ (DP Dual Mode) requires use of an externally powered DP++ adapter. Graphics source must be DP++ compliant.
*** DisplayPort Dual Mode (DP++) requires the use of a powered DP++ adapter. The graphics source must be DP++ compliant.
**** HD audio through DisplayPort cannot be switched independently.
***** a. PC keyboard combinations emulate Mac/Sun keyboards. b. Mac/Sun keyboards work only with their own computers.
****** This feature may require an extra power adapter to be connected to the USB hub and that the CS782DP's Mouse Emulation Mode be disabled.