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4K DisplayPort KVM Switches

4K DisplayPort KVM Switches

2-port DisplayPort/USB KVM switches with 4K Ultra-HD support, USB 2.0 peripheral sharing, multi-platform operations and a rich bass experience for 2.1 surround sound
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1) CS22DP Model No. CS22DP In stock

$89.99 MSRP: $120.00 - You save $30.01

2) CS782DP Model No. CS782DP In stock


$136.49 MSRP: $182.00 - You save $45.51

DisplayPort/USB KVM switches with 4K Ultra-HD support

optional USB 2.0 peripheral sharing and a rich bass experience for 2.1 surround sound

With the ever-growing demand for higher video quality and the evolution of DisplayPort technology, 4K-enabled computers and displays are now widely adopted in visually-intensive and commercial applications. Offering up to 4K Ultra-HD resolution, ATEN 4K DisplayPort KVM switches are at home amongst these demanding scenarios and technological advancements.

ATEN 4K DisplayPort KVM switches feature 4K Ultra-HD video resolution and allow users to access two 4K-enabled computers from a single USB keyboard, USB mouse, and DisplayPort video console.

Doing so with ease, the 4K DisplayPort KVM switches provide three convenient switching methods – using a remote port selector, mouse, or hotkeys for flexible access to any computer connected to the installation. The products even provide premium audio support for a complete multimedia solution. To round off the entire experience, the streamlined, space-saving design of 4K DisplayPort KVM switches also makes them ideal for any working environment.

With their rich feature set, the 4K DisplayPort KVM switches are designed to surpass all requirements in graphic design, animation, and video-editing applications.

CS22DP: Cable KVM switch

CS782DP: Desktop KVM switch