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HD15 VGA M/M Mini Gender Changer

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HD15 VGA M/M Mini Gender Changer
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Converts an HD15-pin Female to an HD15-pin Male. For Video Applications.

Space is a commodity when it comes to today's computers. Get the full benefits of a gender changer-at a fraction of the space needed with Low-Profile Gender Changers from Cables To Go. Each will quickly and easily convert the gender of any parallel, serial, game/midi or video port. In addition, they can be used to splice together two existing cables. Save yourself the cost and hassle of having to buy a new cable for each new application by simply changing the gender of your existing port and using the very same cable.
  • Connectors: HD15-pin Male to HD15-pin Male
  • Use: Converts a HD15-pin female connection to a HD15-pin male connection
  • Designed for: Video applications
  • Low-Profile Design
• Color: Silver/Yellow
• Warranty: Lifetime