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UI30027L: Unit-level monitored PDU, 16A or 20A, 120V or 208V or 230V, rack-mount, 10x rear locking IEC C13 receptacles 

environmental compatible, C20 inlet, black powder coat finish 

• Input power monitoring
• Environmental monitoring via optional remote sensors
• Daisy-chain Ethernet connectivity
• Local high-visibility LED display
• Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology
• Upgradeable by replacing the interchangeable monitoring device (IMD) module

Geist's UI30027L unit-level monitored PDU provides real-time power metrics to help prevent overloads and safely optimize load levels.

The unit offers local and IP-based monitoring with quick access to real-time power metrics and optional environmental sensor data.


Using Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology, UI30027L optically transmits power usage data from its LED display to a handheld device over the Geist Mobile App, presenting comprehensive real-time power usage data down to the phase and circuit levels.

Geist's rack power distribution unit (rPDU) gives data-center managers the flexibility to install the intelligence required today with the option to upgrade technology as needs evolve. To establish this upgrade path, Geist incorporated an interchangeable monitoring device (IMD) module into its rPDU design.

rPDUs last for many years and with the IMD design, businesses are able to upgrade their rPDUs to newer monitoring technologies in the future without having to replace the entire rPDU. With the Geist Upgradeable hot-swap technology, users may easily upgrade PDUs to the latest available technology by replacing the interchangeable monitoring device (IMD) module, all without causing any interruption in power delivery.

Inlet Receptacles
C-20 inlet IEC C13
C20 10x locking rear IEC C13

• Horizontal, 19" rack-mount form factor, 1U
• Volts: 120V or 208V or 230V
• Amps: 16A or 20A
• kW-input: 1.9kW or 3.3kW or 3.6kW
• Cord length: No cord
• Circuit breaker: No
• On/off switch: No

Monitoring Level 1
• Kilowatt/Hour (kWh)
• Watts (W)
• Apparent Power (VA: Volt-Ampere)
• Power Factor (PF)
• Voltage (V)
• Amps (A)
• Power Measurements: Compliant with ANSI C12.1 and IEC 62053-21 at 1% accuracy class requirements

Optional Environmental Sensors
• Compatible digital (w/ RJ connector) and analog (dry-contact) sensors and probes
• Analog (dry-contact) sensors require the use of an analog to digital converter