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USB 3.0 to DisplayPort Dual 4K Adapter w/ Ethernet

Model No. USBA2DPGB In stock

USB 3.0 to DisplayPort Dual 4K Adapter w/ Ethernet
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USBA2DPGB: USB to dual DisplayPort portable mini dock 

with GbE LAN and dual 4K 60Hz display support 


• USB Type-A docking port
• Dock your USB 3.0 equipped Mac and Windows® laptop with a portable USB docking station that supports dual monitors: 2x DisplayPort
• Get hardwired LAN connectivity to secure networks, with a dual DisplayPort adapter that features a Gigabit Ethernet port
• Take your connectivity on the go, with a compact mini dock that travels with your laptop

Expansion Ports
2x DisplayPort
1x RJ45 (wired Gigabit Ethernet)

This TAA compliant USB to dual DisplayPort mini dock provides your USB 3.0 laptop with connectivity for dual 4K 60Hz monitors and Gigabit LAN, enabling you to quickly harness dual-display productivity and network connectivity.

Increase Your Productivity with Two 4K Monitors
The dual DisplayPort adapter adds two DisplayPort video outputs to your USB laptop, with resolution support up to 4K. Working on two monitors increases your productivity by giving you more screen space. You can simultaneously access multiple applications and reference material on one display while composing on the other.

Access Hardwired Networks with a GbE Port
Ethernet ports on modern laptops are uncommon, and wireless networks are less secure and less reliable than a hardwired connection. With the GbE port on this portable docking station that features an Ethernet adapter you can access wired LANs even if your USB 3.0 laptop doesn't have an Ethernet port.

Maximize Portability with a Miniature Docking Station
The dock features a compact design that's perfect for business professionals who need portable office desk accessories for traveling between multiple office locations, or shared workspaces.

• Keep your docking station with your laptop while traveling
• Perform high-resolution tasks like graphic design or video editing on two 4K 60Hz monitors
• Connect to hardwired networks in offices that avoid wireless networks