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USB 2.0 to VGA External Video Card

Model No. USB2VGAE3 In stock

USB 2.0 to VGA External Video Card
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USB2VGAE3: Connect a VGA display for an entry-level extended desktop, multi-monitor USB solution 

with resolutions up to 1920x1200 

• Supports HD video resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 1080p
• Works with desktop and laptop computers
• Small form factor
• Simple installation
• USB-powered - no external power adapter required
• Supports mirrored, extended or primary display configurations
• Connect up to five adapters on a single PC

USB2VGAE3 USB VGA multi-monitor external video adapter lets you add a high-resolution (1920x1200) external VGA output to your desktop or laptop computer, using an available USB 2.0 port.

A cost-effective solution for systems that lack the outputs required for a multi-monitor setup, this high-performance USB to VGA adapter can be used to mirror your primary display and show the same image on both screens, or extend your desktop to double your workspace.

USB2VGAE3This small form factor USB video adapter can be used with up to 4 additional (5 total) USB2VGAE3 USB video adapters, creating multiple VGA connections to add displays quickly and easily - all without having to open the computer case to add extra video cards.

The Advantage
• Compact, USB-powered adapter provides the easiest way add secondary or multiple high-resolution displays to your PC
• Completely external device offers a simple upgrade solution saving the cost and hassle of upgrading the internal video card on your system
• The ability to use multiple adapters (up to five) provides a scalable display configuration for future expansion

• Add a secondary display adapter and extend your desktop display without taking apart your computer to install a new video card
• Add multiple (up to 5) monitors / projectors to your computer setup using one USB2VGAE3 device for each additional display
• View large or multiple spreadsheets across multiple displays
• A compact, lightweight solution for traveling business associates using laptop PCs enabling connection to a secondary display
• Connect multiple monitors to a single computer to create engaging multimedia presentations
• Use the adapter to connect your PC to your television for showing family pictures and movies
• Increase productivity by running multiple applications on different screens, check your email on one display and work on a document in the other
• Great for researchers and writers offering the ability to have reference material on one display and a working document copy on the other

Included in Package
1x USB to VGA Adapter
1x Driver and Software CD
1x Instruction Manual