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Dual-VGA/USB KVM Console Extender over Two CAT-5

Model No. SV565DUTPU In stock

Dual-VGA/USB KVM Console Extender over Two CAT-5
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SV565DUTPU: Operate a dual-VGA/USB PC up to 656 feet away 

as if it were right in front of you 

• Dual VGA KVM extender at 1920x1200 resolution
• Built-in 2-port KVM switch at the Remote unit allows remote user to use the same console to control local dual-VGA PC as well as the remote computer
• Extend up to 655 feet using 2 industry-standard UTP network cables
• Supports most combo keyboard/mouse sets (including wireless)
• Intuitive hotkey commands for fine-tuning video
• KVM console connections available on both the local and remote ends

SV565DUTPU TAA compliant USB dual-VGA KVM console extender over CAT-5 UTP lets you operate a dual-VGA PC up to 656 feet (200 m) away, as if it was installed locally, at high-definition 1920x1200 resolution. PC connection cables are included with this product for a ready to use solution.

The dual-VGA CAT-5 KVM extender supports easy to use hot-key and push button commands which allow you to switch between local and remote connected systems, while console connections at both ends of your setup provide easy access to all connected systems from either location. The hot-key commands also provide video adjustment controls for optimizing picture quality over varying distances.

Extending over two standard CAT-5 (or better) cables gives you the ability to use existing infrastructure wiring to achieve remote access to a computer located in a safe location far away.

The StarTech.com Advantage
• Low cost way to convert an existing dual-VGA computer into remotely accessible hardware extending your hardware's capabilities
• Maintain network security with long distance local access without being exposed over IP
• Broad support for newer USB keyboards, mice, and even most combo/wireless configurations

• Ideal for controlling a PC in an area where fan or hard drive noise is unacceptable such as a television broadcast studio
• Control/monitor a remote computer from a harsh environment where the PC would not function properly due to heat/dust/etc. (factory, warehouse, mining, etc.)
• Can act as a thin client for power users controlling powerful rack mounted servers as their desktop machines
• Use one or more servers in a server room from a remote location within the same building or campus

Included in Package
1x Local unit
1x Remote unit
2x 6 foot 2-in-1 USB-VGA KVM cables
2x 6 foot VGA cables
8x Rubber feet
1x Power adapter
1x Instruction manual