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Extend and duplicate Full-HD HDMI signal on up to 8 mirrored displays 

over an Ethernet network switch up to 1000 feet away 

HDX-200 extends Full-HD HDMI signals up to 500 feet through economical CAT-5/5e/6 cabling as a point-to-point solution, but when connected to a network switch, can output up to 8 HDMI signals over another 500 feet. This way, the unit can act as both a point-to-point extender and a splitter.

By utilizing any simple Ethernet network switch as a mid-point, a 500-foot extension could be doubled by sending the signal another 500 feet away.

Ideal for commercial, educational, and professional environments, HDX-200 enhances your installation possibilities by allowing an additional 500 foot extension when using an Ethernet switch. This device also supports splitting the HDMI signal to up to eight receivers, ensuring high-quality, flexible AV distribution from one source to multiple locations.

HDX-200 HDMI extender/splitter revolutionizes your audiovisual setups, extending pristine HDMI signals up to 500 feet through economical CAT-5/5e/6 cabling. Its compact design ensures it can be conveniently placed anywhere, preserving the aesthetics of your space while delivering unmatched performance.

Scalable and High-Performance
Whether operating in a point-to-point setup or through an ethernet switch, HDX-200 is designed to split and extend your HDMI signals to up to 8 receivers without any loss in signal quality. This flexibility makes it perfect for a variety of professional and commercial environments.

Streamlined Connectivity
Built with plug-and- play functionality, setting up and running HDX-200 is simple and seamless. No drivers or software installations required. HDX-200 compresses data to utilize CAT-5/5e/6 cables at no loss to performance or picture quality. For the best visual and control results when going the distance, HDX-200 has your Full-HD video needs covered.

Digital Signage Application
Managing a multi-screen digital signage solution requires some important foresight regarding the signal path to those informative and attractive displays. Particularly when it comes to  properly scheduled, updated and managed content being displayed, it's much more efficient to keep all of the digital signage hardware in one central location and to extend the video signals out from there.
That means signal extension is an important part of a smart digital signage solution, and HDX-200 gives users the flexibility they want and need to place their digital signage screens in the right locations to maximize their effectiveness.

Features and Benefits
• Extends HDMI over CAT-5/5e/6 up to 500 feet: Ensures high-quality image transmission over distances up to 500 feet using cost effective CAT-5/5e/6 cabling
• Extended Reach: Easily extends Full HD HDMI signals up to 500 feet. With an Ethernet switch, extend an additional 500 feet, totaling up to 1000 feet
• Multi-Point Distribution: Splits and extends HDMI signals to up to 8 receivers, increasing the extension range by an additional 500 feet with an Ethernet switch
• Use as an Extender or Splitter: Use as a point-to-point extender or connect via a standard network switch to split HDMI signals to up to eight receivers
• Chainable through an Ethernet network switch for 1000 feet of extension
• High Bandwidth Capacity: Offers up to 1.64 Gbps bandwidth, accommodating rich, high-definition content
• High-Performance Video: Supports resolutions up to 1920x1080 at 60Hz, ensuring clear and vibrant image quality
• Advanced Compression: Utilizes H.265 compression technology to deliver high-quality images with minimal latency
• Flexible Connectivity: Operates in a direct 1-to-1 setup or a 1-to-many configuration using a standard Ethernet switch
• Automatic DDC Learning: Automatically configures itself by learning display data from the connected monitor for optimal resolution settings
• Universal Compatibility: Functions seamlessly with all operating systems
• Compact Design: Small footprint allows for easy integration into any setup without spatial constraints
• Plug-and-Play Installation: Ready to use out of the box, requiring no complicated setup

Package Includes
1x Transmitter unit (HDX-200-TX)
1x Receiver unit (HDX-200-RX)
2x Power supplies (PS-PS5VDC2A)

Note: A Receiver unit is required for each connected display


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