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Model No. HLX-500-S In stock

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Chainable HDMI and infrared point-to-point extender via CAT-5 or LAN 

HLX-500 HDMI breaks distance barriers to extend HDMI signals over IP using CAT-5e/6 cables. HLX-500 extender gives users the freedom to extend HDMI signals via LAN, using inexpensive CAT-5e/6 cables that many modern communications already rely on. This chainable extender can be used to generate thousands of feet of HDMI signal extension, breaking distance barriers.

Users can set up their own extension cabling or utilize the pre-existing LAN infrastructure they have access to. Each unit extends signals up to 500 feet.

With no software or driver required, users can easily extend HDMI signals such as HDTV, Blu-Ray, video game consoles and more. HLX-500 supports 1080p HD video up to 1920x1080 resolution at 60Hz and is infrared remote enabled.

HLX-500 is a compact unit that is easily integrated into a digital display network at retail stores, restaurants, office spaces and many other venues. The transmitter and receiver units are small yet sturdy, which makes inclusion into any audio/video infrastructure quick and efficient.

HLX-500 compresses data to utilize CAT-5e/6 cables, but users will see no degradation of signal when using one gigabit Ethernet connections and up. For users utilizing pre-existing LAN connections, implementing a one gigabit switch allows for full resolution extension. Users with smaller bandwidth will experience compressed signals, if they so choose.

Features and Benefits
• Extends HDMI signal up to 500 feet via LAN (CAT-5e/6 cables)
• Chainable for thousands of feet of extension
• Supports high resolution 1080p HD video, 1920x1080 at 60Hz
• Supports stereo audio
• IR (Infrared) remote enabled
• Bracket mountable
• No software or driver required
• Plug-and-Play ready

Package Includes
1x HLX-500-TX transmitter
1x HLX-500-RX receiver
2x PS5VD2A power supply


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