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T1900-LED KVM Console Drawer

Model No. T1900-LED In stock

T1900-LED KVM Console Drawer
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Industrial 19" LED backlit LCD KVM console drawer 

DVI/VGA video, 1280x1024 @ 75Hz resolution, keyboard and touchpad, USB 2.0 port, 1U rack-mount form factor for the setup, administration and maintenance of rack mount servers in data centers, server rooms and other space-critical industrial environments 

IT or lab administrators often need fast and dependable at-the-rack access to their servers for deployment, administration and maintenance activities. Raritan's T1900-LED console drawer, with a LED-backlit LCD display provides both energy savings and consolidated access to multiple servers from a single location.

Raritan's 1U, 19" T1900-LED console drawer with LED-backlit LCD displays and DVI-D and VGA inputs, connects to your existing analog or digital KVM switches and provide video, keyboard and touchpad functionality from a single workstation to manage one or multiple racks of servers.

The 19 inch T1900-LED supports up to a 1280x1024 @ 75Hz video resolution with an aspect ratio of 4:3, perfect for the administration of servers in data centers, server rooms and labs.

One Workstation for Server Access and Control
Connecting to your existing analog or digital KVM switches, Raritan's T1900-LED combines video, keyboard and touchpad functionality to enable the use of a single workstation to manage a rack, or multiple racks of servers. The 1U modular design includes built-in USB 2.0 port for convenient, front-of-the-rack media connections to keyboard, mouse or even smart card readers to manage Raritan KVM switches directly from the racks in which they are installed.

LED Technology for Reduced Energy Consumption
Raritan's T1900-LED is designed with a crisp energy efficient LED-backlit LCD display which reduces energy consumption up to 20-50%, over current LCD cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) back-lit technology. The LED-backlit technology provides for better contrast and brightness, greater color range, and more rapid response to changes in scene and more accurate image rendering for a clean, crisp display Power Controls for Additional Power Savings Built-in power controls enable the adjustment of image brightness based on need and local regulations. Additionally, the LED-backlit LCD console drawer uses an integrated micro switch to provide auto power on/off when opening and closing the monitor below a 20 degree angle.

DVI or VGA Video Inputs
The T1900-LED supports DVI-D video. It also supports standard VGA input.

Space Saving Design
The 1U modular design takes up to 85% less space than a full sized keyboard, monitor, and mouse and manages one or more servers at the rack.

Raritan Device Integration
T1900-LED is compatible with third party switches and Raritan KVM switches - including: Dominion®, Paragon®, MasterConsole®, expreZo™.

Multi-Platform Support
Easily integrates into virtually any server room or data center environment and supports Sun®, Windows®, Linux® and other operating systems.

Multi-Language Support
Supports US English, UK English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese languages.

Power Controls for Additional Power Savings
Adjustable image brightness and an integrated micro switch to provide auto power on/off when opening and closing the monitor below a 20 degree angle.

Built-in USB 2.0 Pass Through Port
Front-of-the-rack media connections to keyboard, mouse or smart card readers for management of switches directly from the racks in which they are installed.

OSD and Front-of-Rack Media Connections
Easy installation using plug-and-play, auto-configuration and easy-to-use on-screen displays, plus built-in USB 2.0 enable keyboard, mouse or even smart card reader connections.

Features and Benefits
• At-the-rack server access and control for easy on-site deployment, administration and maintenance
• LED-backlighting provides up to 20-50% energy savings over current LCD cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) technology
• Accurate image rendering and video performance for sharp, clear pictures
• Space saving 1U design for 85% less space
• Energy efficient LED-backlit LCD display
• Supports DDC, DDC2, DDC2B
• DVI or VGA video input
• USB 2.0 pass thru port
• Warranty: 2 years; 1 year and 2 year extended warranties are available

Package Content
• LED KVM Console
• Rackmount brackets
• KVM combo cable (VGA, USB, PS/2)
• DVI cable
• Quick Setup Guide
• Warranty card
• Power cord
• Drawer key (to unlock the console)


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