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Sylphit-HD VU-117

Model No. RCT-HDVU117 Out of stock

Sylphit-HD VU-117
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RCT-HDVU117: 1U rack-mount flat-panel LCD USB KVM console-drawer 

with a wide (16:9) screen supporting Hi-Def VGA 1080p video 

Sylphit-HD is a 1U rack-mount flat-panel LED-LCD VGA-USB KVM console-drawer featuring a wide (16:9) screen supporting Hi-Def VGA 1080p video, a fully-functional backlit-illuminated keyboard, and a 2-button touchpad in a light-weight, compact, heavy-duty steel frame.

Using only 1U of EIA rack space (1.75" high), Sylphit-HD rack-mount integrated KVM computer console-drawer is designed to interface with a VGA-USB server (or KVM switch) in space-saving 19" rack-mount applications.

Sylphit-HD KVM console-drawer features a 17.3" HD wide-screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, supporting 1080p (1920x1080) resolution. It's a high-brightness, high-contrast, large-viewing-angle LED LCD flat panel display, protected by anti-glare tempered glass.

Sylphit-HD KVM console-drawer also features an integrated touch-pad pointing device, and a fully functional backlit-illuminated 81-key Cherry Windows keyboard, making it easy to operate under poor lighting conditions.

Controlling a stand-alone USB server or interfacing with a VGA-USB KVM switch, Sylphit-HD features a laptop-style tilting flat-panel display that requires little pullout to tilt open and – as a result – hardly protrudes into the aisle space in front of the rack.

Equipped with industrial-grade heavy-duty slide-out rails with depth-adjustable rear mounting support, Sylphit-HD KVM console-drawer can be mounted in any standard 19" 4-post rack available in the market.

Sylphit-HD features a single VGA-USB interface typically used to connect to a stand-alone VGA-USB KVM switch, or to one VGA-USB computer.

Sylphit-HD features a special HD15 connector, and ships with one (1) 6-foot integrated (all-in-one) KVM cable that interfaces with the host's VGA video, USB keyboard and USB mouse.

Features and Benefits
• Only 1U (1.75" high) of vertical 19" rack-mount space
• Laptop-style tilting display provides for short pull-out and minimal intrusion into the aisle space in front of the rack
• Anti-glare tempered glass protects the flat-panel display, adding enhanced visibility
• High-brightness and high contrast-ratio LED LCD flat panel integrated folding display
• Wide screen with 16:9 aspect ratio and high viewing angles
• 17.3" wide-screen display supporting Hi-Def 1080p (1920x1080) resolution
• 81-key Cherry Windows keyboard
• Keyboard is backlit-illuminated with adjustable five brighness levels
• An integrated two-button touch-pad pointing device
• A single connector and an integrated all-in-one KVM cable (ships included) provide for fast setup
• Industrial-grade heavy-duty steel construction
• Adjustable rear mounting support, up to 25-inches in depth
• Smooth-operating sliding rails that self-lock when pulled all the way out
• Built-in thumb screws for securing the unit when folded closed
• 2-year warranty. Extended warranty available

Comes with:
1x Sylphit-HD KVM LCD KVM console-drawer unit
1x 2-in-one KVM cable, 6-feet
2x Rear extension mounting brackets
1x Power cord


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