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#12-24 Mounting Screws, Black

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#12-24 Mounting Screws, Black
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RCT-MS1224B: Mount equipment onto an IT rack fitted with threaded #12-24 mounting holes 

pack of 100 

• 100 screws in a pack
• Phillips truss-head
• Heat treated for strength and for head-stripping resistance
• Made in the USA

#10-32 mounting railsThese rack-mounting screws are used for mounting equipment, shelves, and accessories onto IT racks with #12-24 threaded holes on their mounting rails.

Mounting rails with pre-tapped (threaded) round holes are common in relay racks, telco racks, wall-mount racks, patch-panel racks and communication-closets boxes and brackets.

The "12" refers to the drill size for a tapped (threaded) hole. #12-24 screw-type has 24 threads per inch, with an outside diameter of 0.2160". #12-24 screw is larger than a #10-32 screw.

Since the holes on the rack's mounting rails are typically pre-tapped – standard mounting screws typically work well with these rails. However, steel racks with pre-tapped rails may have their holes slightly clogged with paint (or powder-coat), making it more difficult to use standard mounting screws. Self-tapping screws typically overcome this hurdle for an easier installation.