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30-49 HLR 4-Post-Mounting Shelf

Model No. RCT-HLR-30-49 In stock

30-49 HLR 4-Post-Mounting Shelf
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RCT-HLR-30-49: 30 in. deep, stationary, vented, heavy-duty 4-post-mounting shelf 

rated at 200 lb, with depth-adjustable mounting tabs up to 49½ in. 

HLR 4-post-mounting shelves are designed for mounting heavy hardware like servers, UPSs, and the like, while their vented surface allows for maximum air circulation in the rack for optimal ventilation.

With a multi-depth-mounting design -- providing additional flexibility to any 4-post rack-mount installation, combined with easy assembly -- HLR 4-post-mounting shelves are fully compatible with virtually any 4-post 19" rack in the marketplace.

Rackit's Life-Time Warranty

Rated at 200 lb (evenly-distributed weight load), HLR 4-post-mounting shelves adjust to the depth of your rack, offering a long range of depth adjustability. The multi-depth-mount design allows for the shelves' mounting brackets to adjust and align with the existing position of the vertical rack-mounting rails in the rack - both in the front and in the rear.

The multi-depth-mount design also provides for quick and easy installation, that can typically be performed by only one person.

A 30-inch deep shelf, with mounting tabs extendable up to 49½-inches in depth, HLR 4-post-mounting shelves are made of heavy-duty gauge steel with re-enforced construction.

• Rack-mounting screws are not included - see listing below for screws that match the mounting holes on your rack