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Ventit 32V

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Ventit 32V
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2-post-mounting, 3-fan (one row) fan tray for vertical airflow 

When a top exhaust fan doesn't dissipate heat from a densely-populated enclosure, Ventit does!

Ventit fan trays create accelerated air-flow throughout a server/equipment cabinet, providing extra ventilation in densely populated enclosed racks.

Ventit fan trays are designed to accelerate air flow in the back of the cabinet, or in the front, or throughout..

Occupying only 1U rack space (1¾" high), Ventit fan trays can be mounted at any desired height inside the cabinet, generating vertical airflow (typically from the bottom to the top) for increased cabinet ventilation and heat dissipation.

Ventit 32V typically mounts opposite the network switch (and occupying the same U space) at the top of the rack, facilitating extra vertical airflow for exhausting air from the enclosed rack through available vents at the cabinet's top.

For pre-emptive temperature management – check out environmental monitoring systems that provide early warnings about insufficient airflow, raising temperatures and other environmental threats to your IT infrastructure.