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Model No. OLC II TX/RX In stock

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Pure fiber-optic 1080p DVI extension system with Auto-EDID 

up to 6,600 feet - Full HD 

PureLink HDToolsPureLink's OLC II DVI pure fiber optic extension modules extend 1080p HD content up to 6,600 feet over a single-mode and up to 1,650 feet over a multi-mode cable. Featuring PureLink's unique Auto-EDID feature, a separate DDC connection is no longer necessary. This simplifies cable management and ensures rapid communications between devices.

OLC II optical DVI module transmits four (4) optical data, Red, Green, Blue and clock and can be extended up to 6,500 feet over two LC multi or single-mode fiber at WUXGA (1920x1200) at 60Hz vertical refresh rate.

The transmitter and receiver are detachable and housed in exceedingly compact DVI enclosures. Since it is a detachable type, the LC fiber cable can be run through small conduits and other tight spaces without extender set. There is no special mounting needed for OLC II. Simply, the transmitter and receiver units connect directly to video source and monitor.

The EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) in a display can be read and restored by just plugging once transmitter to the display. This Self-EDID management feature makes the installation of  OLC II more easy and flexile at any variable resolution display systems.

OLC II is ideal for a wide range of applications requiring long distance transmission of HD video content. Since it only uses fiber, transmission of content is highly secure and immune to outside interference. It is an ideal product for government, military, school and medical environments.

Features and Benefits
• Plug and Play
• Pure fiber-optic
• Supports single and multi mode fiber
• RGB, and Clock signal are transmitted via fiber optics
• Extends up to 6,500 feet
• Compact and durable design
• Fully compatible with DDWG DVI standard
• Ideal for PC application, home theater, medical imaging, avionics, multi-media et. al.
• RGB and clock signals are transmitted via fiber optics
• Built-in Auto EDID management function

Package Includes
1x OLC II Transmitter module
1x OLC II Receiver module
2x DC power adapters
1x User's manual