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Power Control

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Ultra-performance single-port 4K HDMI KVM-over-IP control of a single computer/server by up to 8 users, with virtual-media support and remote power control

Dominion KX IV-101

Starting at $528.00 view

USB KVMA switches for controlling 4 dual-link DVI or VGA multi-video computers from one multi-screen KVM console with USB peripheral sharing

AdderView PRO MultiScreen

Starting at $1,255.00 view

Single-port DVI or VGA KVM over IP gateways with virtual media, supporting multiple users, up to 1920x1200 resolution, optional power switching

KVM on the NET

Starting at $579.00 view

Computer Interface Module (CIM) dongles that provide CAT-5 UTP-cabling connection between a Dominion KX KVM switch and connected servers

Dominion KX CIMs

Starting at $77.07 view

A KVM over IP gateway with Real VNC, supporting HDMI or DVI or VGA video, USB keyboard/mouse and virtual-media, for secure remote computer access via Internet

AdderLink iPEPS

Starting at $715.50 view