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Model No. E-16D-24V In stock

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E-16D-24V: Enterprise environment monitoring system for monitoring and managing environmental conditions over IP 

providing early warnings before critical events turn into disaster 

• 16 external configurable sensor connections, 8 digital inputs, 4 output relays
• Configure Smart Alerts for different event combinations
• User-programmable IP camera snapshots
• Linux inside
• Multi-language support – English, German, Indonesian, and Japanese

Compare ENVIROMUX® Environment Monitoring Systems.

ENVIROMUX® enterprise environment monitoring system monitors critical environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, liquid water presence, power, intrusion, and smoke.

When a sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold, the system will notify you via email, LEDs, alarm beacon, siren, web page, network management (SNMP), voice phone calls (via Automatic Voice Dialer System), and SMS messages (via external USB 3G modem).

ENVIROMUX-16D supports 16 external configurable sensors, 8 digital input sensors and 4 output relays for control of external devices.

The system also includes three internal sensors: temperature, humidity and power.

ENVIROMUX-16D features 4 USB ports for USB modem, USB flash drive, or USB LCD screen.

Linux inside.

Features and Benefits
• Monitor and manage server room environmental and security conditions over IP.
• Sensors supported:
- 16 external configurable sensors
- 8 digital inputs sensitive to contact closure
- 3 internal sensors – temperature, humidity, power
• Four output relays for control of external devices.
• Relay activates upon alarm or via the user interface.
• Supports IP network video cameras for live view of any facility.
• One integrated view – see different Web cameras side-by-side with physical and environmental parameters.
• Any programmed event can trigger a snapshot from an IP camera.
• Monitor (ping) up to 64 IP network devices.
• Alerts are sent if devices are not responding
• Linux inside.
• Multi-language support – English, German, Indonesian, and Japanese.
• Create multiple alerts for any installed sensor.
• Sensor conditions (events) can be configured to trigger alerts by themselves, and/or be used in combination with other events to trigger Smart Alerts.
• Configure up to 50 events.
• Up to 20 Smart Alerts can be configured to use different event combinations to send alert messages.
• Alerts are posted in message log, which is accessible through Web user interface.
• Integrates with various Open Source monitoring packages - Nagios and MRTG.
• USB ports for connecting USB modem or for downloading log data to USB flash drive.
• Internal battery backup.
• Alerts are sent when there is a power outage and when power returns.
• Optional intuitive graphical software provides an easy-to-use, unified interface for both monitoring and configuring up to 3,000 ENVIROMUX-16D units and all connected sensors.
• 1RU rack mount case is standard.
• ENVIROMUX system can be mounted so that the sensor connectors are facing the front of the rack.
• Security: HTTPS, SSHv2, SSLv3, IP Filtering, LDAPv3, AES 256-bit encryption, 16-character username/password authentication, user account restricted access rights.
• Use in data centers, co-lo sites, web hosting facilities, telecom switching sites, POP sites, server closets, or any unmanned area that needs to be monitored.
• Warranty: Two years

Control Methods

Web Interface
• Configuration can be done over the Internet/LAN via Web page.
• Supports Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, Firefox 1.5 and higher, Netscape 9, Google Chrome, Safari 1.3 and higher for MAC, and Safari 3.0 and higher for PC.
• Multi-language support – English, German, Indonesian, and Japanese.
• Configure sensor thresholds, alarm methods, formats of alerts, and system data log.
• View/edit sensors' current values, thresholds and alert statuses.
• All sensors connected to the ENVIROMUX-16D can be viewed on one summary page.
• User configurable settings allow sensors to return to normal status when alert condition clears, without manually acknowledging/dismissing the alert.
• View/edit entries stored in the system logs.
• Event log records system events such as alerts, user login/logout, failed email messages, etc.
• Data log records samples of sensor readings. User specified sampling time period.
• Both the event log and the data log store up to 1,000 entries.
• The log can be downloaded as a tab-delimited plain text file.
• Configure IP information (address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS, etc.), user administrative settings, and data logging settings.
• Up to 16 users can access the web page at one time.
• Permissions, schedule and alert methods are configurable for each user.
• Configure up to 50 sensor conditions (events).
• Configure up to 20 Smart Alerts to use different event combinations to send alert messages.

Front Panel Interface
• LEDs indicate the following:
• "INT ALERT" – internal sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold.
• "EXT ALERT" – external sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold.
• "LOW BAT" – backup battery is low.
• "CHECK LOG" – message is posted to the log.
• "AUX" – indicates Auxiliary device is powered.
• "PWR" – indicates system is powered.
• Alarm Test/Silence button – use to test or silence the alarm connected to the siren terminals
• Restore Defaults button – use to manually restore the ENVIROMUX-16D back to factory settings.
• System Reset button – use to manually reboot/restart the firmware for the ENVIROMUX-16D.

Serial Interface / Telnet / SSH
• Configure, control and monitor over the text-based menu system accessible via USB console port, RJ45 serial port, Telnet, and SSH.
• Serial baud rate: 9,600 to 115,200bps.
• Data format: 1 start bit, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit.
• Access is controlled via username/password.
• System stores encrypted login information.
• Two user levels: user and administrator.

Network Operation
• SNMP support, allowing integration into network management platforms.
• Updating the system firmware.

Open Source Monitoring Integration
• SNMP Plugin for Nagios
• Nagios Product Demo
• Using Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG).
• Data Logging using Syslog

Optional Management Software
• Optional intuitive graphical software provides an easy-to-use, unified interface for both monitoring and configuring up to 3,000 ENVIROMUX-16D units and all connected sensors.

Mobile Summary Page
• View summary page on mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc.
• Summary page lists all connected sensors' current values and alert statuses.


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