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3x3 video-wall driver 

cost-effective, single-box solution for large video walls 

• For any video-wall configuration - driving up to 10 displays
• Flexible multiviewer features
• Resolution up to 4K/60 4:4:4
• Intuitive UX/UIo

Kramer's VW-9 HDMI 2.0 multiview video wall processor is an advanced 4-input and 10-output video processor, offering a video wall driver with multiviewer features, scaling, customized screen layouts, and fast, clean video switching between inputs.

The unit also features audio switching and incorporates an analog audio output in addition to the embedded HDMI audio.

It offers a user-friendly web UI, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 control options, and includes bezel correction, picture adjustment options, and HDCP and EDID configuration.

VW-9 3x3 video wall driver with multiviewer is an all-in-one video-wall processor system with multi-view, scaling, customizing screen layouts, and audio management functions. Its user-friendly web interface, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, and telnet modular design allows you to effectively control the video wall both locally and remotely.

Its compact and robust design, reliability, multi-task features, and flexibility for either simple digital signage display or large-scale control room video wall, and up to 4K resolution video wall ability, represent a perfect partner for system integrators.

Easily and cost-effectively deploy large-scale video walls comprising up to 10 screens, using a single, all-inclusive video wall processor.

With no need for multiple units for each individual screen or a complex AV network infrastructure, Kramer's VW-9 video-wall driver significantly reduce the cost of large video wall deployments.

Supporting any video wall configuration - from square to rectangle or elongated and providing outstanding resilience and performance, with superb imaging quality, and versatile video processing and audio options, VW-9 opens opportunities to address the widest range of applications.

VW-9 supports video walls installed in any configuration, from a standard 3x3 square to rectangle or elongated.

VW-9 has 10 outputs and can be configured as a 3x3 square or any other shape video wall comprising up to 10 displays, for example a 2x4 rectangular wall or a 5x2 elongated wall.

VW-9, designed for 3x3 video walls, has 10 outputs making it also ideal for unique wall shapes comprising up to 10 identical displays of any size.

No need for a large display
Using several small standard displays, which are typically priced low for the mass market, eliminates the need to purchase a specialized large-format display.

Multiple picture support 
Up to four video sources can be connected to the video wall processor and displayed simultaneously, using flexible picture-in-picture (PIP) and unique multi-viewer options. Quick, clean switching ensures smooth transitions between inputs.

Outstanding video processing and audio options
With up- and down-scaling supporting resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4, aspect ratio adjustments, and 90° picture rotation, video from any source is optimized for display on the video wall. Audio can be selected from any one of the four inputs and is available on the analog stereo audio output and embedded in the HDMI outputs.

Almost any video wall configuration
These advanced processors open options for practically any video wall shape comprised of up to 10 individual screens of identical size - square, rectangular, or elongated.

Easy, quick setup of the multi-screen wall
Field setup, testing and troubleshooting are all extremely simple and efficient using the embedded web pages, convenient front-panel controls, or RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces. Bezel, screen layout configuration, and picture quality adjustments are easily done at any time during and after deployment.

Flexible input and output capabilities
With 18G 4K, HDMI 2.0, HDCP-2.2 available on all inputs and outputs, and support for display of up to four inputs simultaneously, there are no constraints during setup. Any input can be displayed anywhere on the video wall, and users can easily manipulate and switch between picture-in-picture and multi-viewer display options.

Simple ongoing use
The intuitive front panel, with its user-friendly menu and on-screen display (OSD), enables any user to fully control and adjust the video wall, with zero training required. This provides a convenient alternative to the web interface and minimizes ongoing support needs.

High reliability
The units are exceptionally robust and come equipped with redundant power supplies for uninterrupted operation.

High image quality, with zero latency
Video is processed without compression, ensuring the highest-possible image quality, with sharp, clear, pixel clarity. Sub-millisecond latency enables real-time video display, ideal for live presentations and events, and applications that are ultra-sensitive to time lags.

Secure, closed system
The video wall processor works on a real-time dedicated operating system (OS). As a closed system that is neither Windows-based nor connected to any network, the video and audio content is isolated from cyberattacks and hacking threats.

Exceptional Quality
• Input resolution up to 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4 color sampling
• Output resolution up to 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4 color sampling
• Upscaling up to 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4 color sampling and can downscale as well
• Build various video wall array systems: 3x3, 2x5, 5x2, and more by 10 output model
Advanced and User-friendly Operation
• Fast switching between input channels and combined multiple source images on video wall
• PiP, PoP, quad-view, and multiple customized screen layout configurations for video wall
• Clockwise and anti-clockwise 90° rotation in full screen layout
• Controlled by web interface, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, and telnet
• Firmware upgrade via USB port with a USB flash drive
• Display modes including video wall and multi-view window
• Multiple windows display across multiple screen arrays without screen boundary

Flexible Connectivity
• Processes HDMI® signals with Deep Color and HDCP 1.4/2.2 sources
• Stereo audio output
• Dual built-in power supply

Typical Applications
• Signage in hotel lobbies, hospitals, and government offices
• Conference room presentations
• Advertising in shopping malls, supermarket, and restaurants
• Airports, buses, and train stations
• Rental and staging events
• Monitoring in control rooms, banks, and stock markets
• Security and surveillance systems

• Front panel push buttons
• On-screen menus
• RS-232 serial commands transmitted by a touch screen system, PC, or other serial controller
• Ethernet using a built-in user-friendly web interface

Fast switching between input channels and combined multiple source images on video wall
• Suitable for any wall configuration with up to 10 displays - 1x10, 2x5, 3x3, 5x2, etc
• Handles HDMI 2.0 signals with Deep Color and HDCP 2.2 sources
• Input and output resolution up to 4K @ 60Hz, 4:4:4 color sampling
• Scales up and down to any resolution - up to 4K @60Hz, 4:4:4 color sampling
• PiP, PoP, quad-view, and multiple customized screen layout configurations on the video wall
• Rotation (90°and 270°) in full screen layout
• Bezel correction
• Stereo audio output
• Control by web UI, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 and telnet
• Firmware upgrade via USB port
• Dual built-in power supply


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