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4-port 4K HDR HDMI intelligent auto-switcher

• 4x1 Plug and Play Switcher
• Powerful Built-in Maestro Room Control
• Intelligent IP-driven Control Gateway
• Up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) Resolution

VS-411XS is an intelligent 4x1 automatic switcher for 4K HDR, HDMI video signals. VS-411XS offers an intelligent switching experience with built-in Maestro room control and the standard priority / last-connected switching function based on active video signal detection.

VS-411XS provides exceptional quality, advanced and user-friendly operation, and flexible control.

Exceptional Quality
• Plug and Play Auto Switcher – Automatically plays the switched source signal on the connected display according to user-configured preferences, such as priority or last-connected input. When the user manually switches, by pressing a button, the auto switching is overridden.
• I-EDIDPro™ Kramer Intelligent EDID Processing™ – Intelligent EDID handling, processing, locking and pass-through algorithm ensures plug and play operation for HDMI source and display systems.
• HDMI Signal Switching – HDCP 2.2 compliant, Supporting deep color, x.v.Color™, CEC, lip sync, HDMI uncompressed audio channels, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, 2K, 4K, and 3D as specified in HDMI 2.0.
• Multi-channel Audio Switching – Up to 32 channels of digital stereo uncompressed signals for supporting studio-grade surround sound.

Advanced and User-friendly Operation
• Simple and Powerful Maestro Room Control – Out-of-the-box configured room control for a typical meeting room setup, and intuitive user interface enables you to fully control your meeting room elements. Room devices are controlled right out-of-the-box by an extensive range of triggers, including input/output connectivity, routing, and button pressing. By minimizing user intervention, Maestro room control saves meeting prep time and minimizes human error before presentations.
• Easy Remote Device Control – Control meeting and presentation devices connected to VS-411XS from the user-friendly Kramer Aware app on a compatible Kramer touch panel (sold separately). Kramer Aware includes a built-in, basic user-interface panel, pre-configured for Maestro-controlled typical meeting room setup.
• Simple Manual Switching Operation – Local panel buttons, or remotely connected contact-closure buttons, and optional Maestro Kramer Aware touch panel buttons, for flexible user input selection and switching control.
• Audio De-embedding – The digital audio signal passing-through to the HDMI output, is de-embedded, converted to an analog signal and sent to the stereo balanced analog audio output. This enables playing the audio on a locally connected professional audio system (such as DSP) and speakers, in parallel to playing it on the speakers connected to the AV acceptor device (such as TVs with speakers).
• Automatic Display Operation – Part of the out-of-the-box Maestro configured room automation. Meeting presentation is simplified by automatically turning ON/OFF a CEC-enabled display when the presentation source is plugged in / unplugged with user-defined shut-down delay.
• Easy Audio Control – Adjust the audio output volume or mute via front panel buttons,built-in Maestro and Kramer Aware touch panel buttons, embedded web pages controlbuttons, and remote IP or local RS-232 serial commands.
• IP-Based Firmware Upgrade – Ethernet-based, via a user-friendly software upgrade toolor via embedded web pages, enabling upgrade via Kramer Network management.
• Cost-effective Maintenance – Status LED indicators for HDMI ports facilitate easy local maintenance and troubleshooting. Remote IP-driven device management, and optional whole site management system, via built in web pages and RS-232 connection. Local and remote firmware upgrade via RS-232 or Ethernet connection tool ensure lasting, field proven deployment.
• Easy Installation – Compact DemiTOOLS® fan-less enclosure for user-reachable table mounting, or side-by-side mounting of 2 units in a 1U rack space with the recommended rack adapter.

Flexible Connectivity
Comprehensive Unit Control and Configuration Options – Local control via DIP-switches, volume and mute buttons, and volume and mute contact closure switches. Distance control via user-friendly embedded web pages via the Ethernet, Protocol 3000 API commands via RS-232 serial communication transmitted by a PC, touch screen system or other serial controller.

Controlling your VS-411XS
Control your VS-411XS directly via the front panel push buttons, or:
• Via the Ethernet using built-in user-friendly web pages
• Via optional Kramer Aware touch panel
• By RS-232 serial commands transmitted by a touch screen system, PC, or other serial controller
• Via REMOTE dry contact pins



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