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KVM Switches

Hardware devices that allow one user to access and control multiple computers from a single keyboard, video monitor and mouse console. Learn more...

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8- 16- and 32-port CAT-5 KVM switches supporting digital/analog video; audio; one or two concurrent users and integrated 17" LED console drawer

MasterConsole Digital

Starting at $644.00 view

Flexible and configurable multi-user, single- or multi-video matrix KVM switch for up to 23 DVI/DisplayPort/VGA computers, USB and audio over CATx

AdderView DDX

Starting at $1,569.00 view

8- 16 and 32-port CAT-5 KVM switches supporting USB (PC and Mac), PS/2, Sun USB, legacy Sun, and serial targets using CAT-5 dongles and on-screen display

KH-Series CAT-5 KVM Switches

Starting at $522.00 view

High density, compact, CATx-based KVM switches provide local and remote access to control up to 16 multi-platform servers with optional audio

AdderView CATx 1000

Starting at $489.00 view