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Single Infrared Emitter

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Single Infrared Emitter
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EXT-IREMIT: Extend your remote control of infrared (IR) devices 

The Single Infrared Emitter contains a small diode that emits both infrared and visible red light and is housed in a miniature stylish injection-molded shell. It transmits IR control signals when activated by commands sent to it by IR extenders or controllers.

The Single Infrared Emitter can be used to transmit IR control signals from automation control systems such as the Gefen PACS or Mini PACS to IR enabled products.

The IR emitter's mini-phone plug is to be connected to the automation controller, and its emitter element is to be attached to the window of the device to be controlled, directly over its IR sensor.

How it works
Each emitter has a clear adhesive layer on the bottom flat surface of its shell. Simply peel off the adhesive cover and affix the emitter to the center of the IR sensor window on the controlled component's front panel. Insert the 3.5mm mini-jack at the other end of the cable into the EMITTERS or IR OUT jack of your Gefen device. IR commands in form of electrical pulses from the Gefen device will cause the emitter to blink. This emitter outputs both a visible red light (great for system installation and troubleshooting) as well as the infrared that is recognized by the IR sensor of the controlled device.

Note: The red LED may also indicate the presence of stray IR or RF interference by randomly blinking when no IR control signal is being sent. If this occurs, reposition the IR receiver at the source to eliminate or reduce the random blinking. The more the random blinking is reduced, the better the system will function.

Features and Benefits
• IR emitter with visible red light for confirmation of signal transmission
• Miniature injection-molded shell to protect the emitter
• High performance double-sided adhesive pads for secure attachment to IR window of AV components

Package Includes
(1) Single Infrared Emitter
(3) High Performance Double-sided Adhesive Pads