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IR Extender Module

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IR Extender Module
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EXT-RMT-EXTIRN: Relocate and extend the infrared (IR) sensor up to 6 feet away 

Create a sleek and custom appearance and add installation flexibility for your A/V system setup by concealing the Gefen product that needs to accept IR, and installing the super-small-footprint-module in a location within the line of sight of the IR remote control.

When used with Gefen extenders, the Gefen IR Extender Module can pass through virtually any IR signal between 30kHz to 60kHz and output it on the Receiver side with its carrier frequency intact.

How it Works
Connect the IR Extender's mini phone plug into the IR Ext port on the Gefen product.
Position the IR Extender's sensor module in a location within the line of sight of the user.
Peel off the adhesive backing, and affix the IR Sensor to a flat, dry surface.
The Gefen unit will then accept IR via the IR Extender Module.
The Gefen IR Extender is powered by the Gefen product that it is connected to. No other power source is needed.

Features and Benefits
• Extends the IR sensor up to 6 feet (1.8 meters)
• Adds relocation flexibility during installation of compatible products
• Small footprint IR sensor module easily blends with its surroundings
• Soft and flexible black cable fits in narrow spaces unobtrusively
• Self-adhesive backing for the IR sensor module facilitates installation