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AVoIP Matrix Controller

Model No. GF-AVIP-MC In stock

AVoIP Matrix Controller
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GF-AVIP-MC: Controller for Gefen family of video and KVM over IP products in a virtual matrix environment 

configure, manage, and control a scalable and expandable virtual matrix 

Gefen® AV over IP matrix controller is a flexible yet powerful solution for controlling Gefen-compatible video and KVM over IP based extenders within the same network. The AVoIP matrix controller maximizes control while making advanced features simple to access for integrators and distributors.

Engineered with scalability in mind, Gefen matrix controller effortlessly manages distribution installations of any size across a diverse range of markets and applications. Designed to simplify deployment and calibration for integrator partners, Gefen matrix controller features a wealth of presets and Web GUI control making it easy to create the perfect scene for a project of any scale. Plug-in support for keyboard/mouse or compatible 3rd party touchscreen adds an enhanced layer of flexibility for integrators to configure the matrix solution directly on-site rather than at a dedicated, isolated station.

Rooted in performance and the end-user experience, Gefen AVoIP matrix controller provides near instantaneous switching between sources creating complete continuity of content and a smooth viewing experience. Real-time changes to sources and displays saves time for integrators by preventing the need to reset the entire configuration when partnered with a new component.

Install this unit on the same local network as the extenders (Transmitters and Receivers) to easily define and configure both unicast and multicast channel routing selections using the WebGUI. Using customized groups or presets you can define and switch routes allowing for easy control over multiple video zones.

The AV over IP matrix controller also supports matrix routing, independent routing and video-wall modes of connected VoIP units. The settings of all connected Transmitter/Receiver units, including IP address, netmask and extender status are clearly displayed within the WebGUI.

Without the use of this centralized unit, each Transmitter and Receiver in the system would need to be controlled and configured directly through their own individual WebGUIs.

Control is available via WebGUI (remote or local), RS-232, Telnet, UDP, IR Remote, and triggers.

The WebGUI is accessible via a web browser over a normal network connection or by directly connecting an HDMI display and USB keyboard & mouse to the unit.

A standard HDMI/USB touchscreen display can also be used to interact with the local WebGUI and control to the device.

A trigger input interface is also provided to allow the easy addition of a remote device, to be operated from a podium, conference room or classroom. This interface can allow the user to activate stored presets with the simple press of a button.

Gefen matrix controller is designed to manage and control the Gefen family of video and KVM over IP products in a virtual matrix environment. The matrix controller provides two methods of network control: Combined Mode and Separate Mode.

Combined Mode
This is the default mode and is used when the matrix controller is connected to the same Ethernet switch as the KVM over IP products, degraded because of the large amount of  bandwidth required to support video signals on the same switch. To solve this issue, Separate Mode can be used. To use Separate Mode, an independent managed switch must be  installed to support Gefen KVM over IP products.

Separate Mode
This mode is used when the KVM over IP products are connected to a separate (dedicated) managed Ethernet switch. Two CAT-5e (or better) cables will be required to connect the  matrix controller.

Features and Benefits

• Enables the management and full configuration of multiple compatible Gefen video and KVM over IP extenders through a single WebGUI
• Supports point-to-point (unicast) and multi-to-multi (multicast) routing selections
• Control over standard matrix, free routing and TV wall modes using presets or direct configuration
• Definable display groups
Syner-G• WebGUI clearly displays the status of all connected Transmitters and Receivers, including IP address, channel selection, etc.
• Seamless integration with Gefen Syner-G™ software allows for quick installation and configuration on a network
• HDMI output displays the WebGUI and system status
• Supports the use of a USB mouse and keyboard, with separate HDMI display, or an HDMI + USB touch screen display to locally control the WebGUI (Optional)
• Can be powered by an Ethernet switch that supports the IEEE 802.3af- 2003 PoE standard (Optional)
• Trigger-control support for easy preset activation
• Standard control is available via WebGUI (remote or local), RS-232, Telnet, UDP and IR remote

• video/TV wall display and control
• Security surveillance and control
• Commercial advertising, display and control
• Home theaters with smart home controls
• House of worship/live venues
• Retail sales and demonstration

Package Contents
1x AVoIP matrix controller
1x 5V/2.6A DC power adapter (EXT-PS52AIP-LP-6)
1x Terminal block (3-pin)
3x Terminal block (5-pin)
1x 3.5mm to IR extender cable (EXT-RMT-EXTIRN)
1x 8-button remote control
4x Shockproof feet
1x Quick start guide