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16x16 DVI Crosspoint Matrix

Model No. EXT-DVI-16416 In stock

16x16 DVI Crosspoint Matrix
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EXT-DVI-16416: 16 DVI sources to 16 DVI displays matrix switching 

Now you can easily combine sixteen cross-platform computers and sixteen digital displays using the 16x16 DVI Crosspoint Matrix.

The Matrix provides a simple, reliable and highly effective method of routing multiple computer workstations. Each computer is capable of displaying video on any one of the 16 monitors.

There are 4 methods of controlling the Matrix - by using the front panel buttons, the IR remote, a built-in RS-232 interface, and IP control over a local area network.

How It Works
The 16x16 Crosspoint Matrix has sixteen DVI inputs and sixteen DVI outputs. Using the supplied DVI cables, connect your sixteen computers to the DVI input ports on the Matrix's input side. Connect the Matrix's sixteen DVI outputs to the displays. Plug in the power cord and power on the Matrix. The connected displays will show video according to the selection.

Note: This device only supports DVI-D.

Features and Benefits
• Increases productivity by providing access to 16 displays from any 16 computers.
• Web-based control switching
• Maintains beautiful, sharp resolutions up to 1080p, 2K, and 1920x1200.
• Serial RS232 for remote control via a computer or control automation devices
• Supports DDWG standards for DVI monitors
• Discrete IR remote control included

Package includes
(1) 16x16 DVI Crosspoint Matrix
(16) 6-foot DVI cables
(1) IR remote control
(1) 6-foot serial RS232 cable
(1) Users Manual
(1) Set of Rack Ears


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