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4-inch Wall-Mount Speaker

Model No. 39906 In stock

4-inch Wall-Mount Speaker
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39906: High quality classroom audio 

that meets K-12 technology budgets 

C2G classroom speakers are specifically designed for use in K-12 classrooms to deliver high quality audio from multimedia presentations, video clips, movies and other curriculum throughout the classroom.

Available in industry standard 8 Ohm and 70 volt versions, these speakers ensure long life and quality sound. C2G Classroom Speakers integrate seamlessly with the TruLink® Audio Amplifier to provide a complete classroom sound system. Additionally, the speakers can be combined with the TruLink® A/V controller and RapidRun® for a complete connected classroom.

Wall mount speakers work best in classrooms with sharp angles or room partitions (alcoves) or in rooms where ceiling mounting is not a practical option.

Designed for long life, rubber surrounds and poly cone construction provide a durable solution that will not degrade over time compared with paper/foam constructed speaker components.

• Warranty: 1 Year