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1-Port USB Car Charger, 2.4A Output

Model No. 21068 In stock

1-Port USB Car Charger, 2.4A Output
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21068: Quickly charge a mobile device from a DC outlet 

• One USB Type-A female port
• 5V, 2.4A maximum total output
• Accurate current limit and overload protection
• Quick charging
• Fireproof shell material
• Blue LED indicator when powered

The 1-port USB car charger is an ideal solution for charging mobile devices while on long road trips or short commutes. This high-performance car charger features a compact design for easy portability and provides a power output of 5V and 2.4A for device charging.

The charger includes one USB Type-A port to charge a single device. The charger offers quick charging and has the ability to detect the accurate current output for protection against overloads, which can damage valuable mobile devices.

5 volts and 2.4 amps of power are available for device charging from this adapter when it is plugged into a DC outlet. The power output makes this adapter the perfect solution for charging smartphones.