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Mini-DisplayPort M/M Cable, 3 Feet, Black

Model No. 54416 In stock

Mini-DisplayPort M/M Cable, 3 Feet, Black
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54416: Connect a Mini-DisplayPort or Thunderbolt™ 2 computer to a Mini-DisplayPort monitor 

and support a digital audio/video connection up to 4K resolution 

• Directly connect a Mini-DisplayPort/Thunderbolt 2 output to a Mini-DisplayPort input
• Carries a digital audio/video signal
• Supports resolutions up to 4K (4096x2160 at 30Hz)
• Built to DisplayPort 1.2 standards

This cable is an ideal solution for connecting a Mini-DisplayPort or Thunderbolt 2 output of a small laptop or tablet to a monitor which accepts a Mini-DisplayPort input. This cable carries a digital audio/video signal.

The cable supports a high bit rate (HBR) bandwidth meaning it can carry up to a 4K (4096x2160 at 30Hz) resolution.

Built to DisplayPort 1.2 standards, this cable meets the requirements of high performance applications.