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45U 2-Post Open Frame Rack, Black

Model No. 14588 In stock

45U 2-Post Open Frame Rack, Black
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14588: Provides mounting for 19-inch standard networking and telecom equipment 

in a wide range of applications from IT installs to colocation datacenters 

• 45 rack units (78.75 in.) for equipment mounting
• Self squaring and self-supporting
• Standard EIA hole pattern front and back
• 750 lb static load capacity
• Meets EIA-310 Standard
• 5 years warranty

This 2-post open frame rack is an ideal solution for mounting networking and telecom equipment in a wide variety of IT applications from small wiring closets to colocation datacenters.

This rack is designed for standard 19-inch equipment, has a 3-inch channel, and supports up to 750 lb.

The computer guided manufacturing makes this rack self squaring and self supporting.

Additionally, this rack features a standard EIA hole pattern front and back and it meets EIA-310 Standard.

Package Contents
50x #12-24 x 5/8in Panel Mounting Screws
12x 3/8-16 x 1 in. Bolts
12x 3/8 in. Split Lock Washer
2x 84 in. (45U) Uprights with Junction Holes
2x 19 in. Rack Base
2x 19 in. Rack Top Angle


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