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Image 3 of 10 - Wirelessly share BYOD presentation content with ATEN software on PC, mobile apps, and web browsers; compatible with Airplay and Google Cast for unlimited sharing and collaboration. view
Image 4 of 10 - USB Touch Back can control remote laptops with a mouse or touchscreen, allowing the speaker to take the lead in meetings and be more efficient without having to move about just to access devices. view

Image 5 of 10 - Moderation Mode allows presenters to easily control and manage the content shared by other participants, including muting, stopping all sharing, and disconnecting a participant. view
Image 6 of 10 - With 3.5 mm audio output to increase the flexibility of use, not only is meeting audio crystal clear, but also it can be integrated with the audio system to enhance the audio-visual experience. view

Image 7 of 10 - Collaboration tools allow team discussions to illustrate ideas directly on the main screen, annotate, or quickly screen capture for record-keeping to enhance team productivity. view
Image 8 of 10 - Remote View on the ATEN Presentation App lets remote participants view presentations from their own screens, save or copy the main screen, allowing them to be more immersed in the presentation. view

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Model No. VP2021 Usually ships in 7-10 business days or less

Solutions by ATEN

As an ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of KVM switches and video products, ATEN has earned a sterling reputation for delivering the finest KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) and remote connectivity solutions to manage servers and other network devices.

Today ATEN stands as one of the largest KVM manufacturer in the global marketplace with office locations worldwide.

Over the years, ATEN has developed a broad range of solutions to meet the needs of key market niches, including small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise organizations through its ALTUSEN line of KVM products.

Leveraging its leading-edge ASIC technology and VSE patents, ATEN's KVM and remote connectivity solutions offer the most comprehensive features and functionality than the competition. The ASIC chip is one of the company's unique differentiators, as it drives the product line's capabilities, and ensures reliability and quality.

Standard warranty: Three years