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Multi-View Management Control Center

Multi-View Management Control Center

Multi-view HDMI and DVI KVM switches with quad, PiP and full-screen viewing modes of 4-16 computers on one screen, audio support and USB peripheral sharing
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1) CM1164A Model No. CM1164A In stock


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2) CM1284 Model No. CM1284 In stock


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4-port USB HDMI and DVI-D KVMP multi-view KVMP switches

Multi-View Management Control Center• Easily resize and/or reposition any PiP or PbP to suit users' viewing needs
• DCC (Daisy Chain Control) - Controls up to 3 additional CM1164A and CM1284 units from a single console
• Cascade up to 2 levels - Controls up to 16 computers (with up to 4x4 multi-view mode)
• Boundless Switching - Simply moves the mouse cursor across windows to switch to other video sources

ATEN CM1164A and CM1284 4-port USB multi-view KVMP switches improve the operational efficiency of real-time monitoring. CM1164A and CM1284 allow users to manage the data more efficiently by allowing multiple sources to be selected, switched, and displayed at the same time with independent keyboard and mouse control.

Featuring Boundless Switching, CM1164A and CM1284 allow users to simply move the mouse cursor across windows to switch to other video sources. This makes it easier to instantly access and control the target computer.

Incorporating Daisy Chain Control (DCC) capability, users are allowed to control up to 3 additional units via a single console. In addition, the switches can be cascaded up to 2 levels to reach the maximum of 16 video sources to be simultaneously selected, switched, and displayed with independent keyboard and mouse control.

Engineered to meet the ever-increasing demand for multi-view functionality, CM1164A and CM1284 are specifically designed for where real-time monitoring is needed such as aviation industry, financial trading, and medical application.

ATEN CM1164A and CM1284 4-port USB multi-view KVMP switches chart a revolutionary new direction in KVM switches functionality by combining a 4-port HDMI or DVI with a 2-port USB hub, and providing different display modes, including Quad View mode, Picture in Picture mode (Dual, Triple, or Quad), Picture by Picture mode (Dual, Triple, or Quad), Picture on Picture mode, and Full Screen mode.

Control and switch between computers/video sources is versatile using the front-panel pushbuttons, IR remote control, on-screen display (OSD), RS-232 commands, or through hotkey combinations entered from the console keyboard.

CM1164A and CM1284 allow users to access 4 computers/devices from a single console, consisting of a USB keyboard, USB mouse, and HDMI or DVI monitor. With CM1284 you can connect up to two monitors - one acts as the main control and supports all the display modes, and the other acts as a secondary display that only shows a channel selected from the main monitor in full-screen mode.

Video switching for the second monitor is easy with Boundless Switching which allows you to switches channels simply by moving the console mouse to the desired channel on the main display.

As a USB hub, CM1164A and CM1284 permit each computer to access connected peripherals on a one-computer-at-a-time basis. CM1164A and CM1284's independent switching feature allows the KVM focus to be on one computer while the USB peripheral focus is on another. There is no need to purchase a separate USB hub, as well as separate stand-alone peripheral sharers.

As with the USB peripherals, the audio focus can be independent of the KVM focus.

A Daisy Chain Control (DCC) port allows the user to connect and control up to four CM1164A or CM1284 switches via a single set of keyboard and mouse. This enables the use of only one keyboard/mouse over several computers by switching the console keyboard and mouse focus to the monitor of each secondary station. This is convenient for growing networks that need to monitor and manage more computers - daisy chain up to four units and switches between up to 16 computers/video sources.

You can also choose to have all sources displayed on one monitor by cascading, where CM1164A or CM1284 units are connected to one another via its KVM ports. In a cascade setup, you can control and monitor up to 16 computers (4 additional CM1164A or CM1284 switches) using a single console.

Setup is fast and easy: simply plug cables into their appropriate ports. There is no software to configure, no installation routines, and no incompatibility problems. Since CM1164A and CM1284 intercept keyboard input directly, they work on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun and Mac platforms.

CM1164A and CM1284 improves operational efficiency for a wide range of practical applications, including control rooms, monitoring systems, and traffic control centers, as well as process control centers, server rooms, medical industries, broadcasting, production and automation, aircraft and vehicles. In combination with projectors, it is also used in presentations and conference rooms.

Allowing you to switches seamlessly between four PCs, and share USB peripherals and stereo audio, CM1164A and CM1284 are ideal for multimedia applications, and offers the ultimate in space-saving, streamlined KVM technology.

Flexible Display Modes
CM1164A and CM1284 support Quad View, Picture in Picture (PiP), Picture by Picture (PbP), Picture on Picture (PoP), and Full Screen mode. User can change size and location of each video source and easily click on demand to control PC.

Boundless Switching
Boundless Switching is a patented ATEN technology. By moving the mouse cursor across different windows, users are allowed to switches KVM focus among multiple sources on multiple windows. The mouse cursor can be moved to another window in any direction and instantly access the target computer.

Supports Daisy Chain Control (DCC) for user to control up to 3 additional CM1164A or CM1284 units from a single console. Also, CM1164A and CM1284 can be cascaded up to 2 levels to control up to 16 computers.

Video DynaSync™
ATEN's exclusive Video DynaSync™ technology automatically detects the horizontal and vertical offset values of each computer's display settings and synchronizes them with the monitor users are working on, ensuring that the display resolution will always be correct when switching among different video sources.

CM1164A: DVI video up to 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz

CM1284: 4K HDMI video up to 4096x2160 @ 30Hz