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64-port KVM over IP switch 

with 8 remote user access (and 1 shared local access)

• High port density - RJ-45 connectors and CAT-5e/6 dongles for up to 64 ports in 2U housing
• Advanced FPGA graphics processor, with a Full-HD resolution of up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz** for local and remote sessions
• Panel Array (multi-view) mode - monitors all ports in a grid display, available to both local console operators and remote access users
• High grade security - supports FIPS 140-2 level 1 security standards
• Laptop USB Console (LUC) - A dedicated USB port directly connects to a laptop for easy console operation
• Audio, virtual media
• Java free
• Dual power and dual network connection
• Fan speed control
• Integrates with ATEN CC2000 centralized management software and CCVSR video session recording software

KN8064VB switch is an IP-based KVM control unit that allow both local and remote operators to monitor and access multiple servers from a single console. This KVM over IP switch can control up to 64 servers, and by cascading compatible KVM switch, as many as 512 servers can be controlled on a complete two-stage installation.

Each KVM over IP switch features superior video quality (Full HD resolution of 1920x1200), virtual media transmissions at double speed, FIPS 140-2 with level 1 security standards by using an embedded FIPS 140-2 certified OpenSSL cryptographic module. Equipped with dual on-board NICs, KN8064VB is built to ensure reliability and availability of remote access to all servers. 

The KN series provides local console and remote over IP access for users to monitor and access their entire data center over a network. In addition, it offers out-of-band access with external modem support for BIOS-level troubleshooting when the network is down.

KN8064VB can be remotely accessed via WinClient / JavaClient at a console from a separated location for management and operation. ATEN also provides an iOS app - PadClient, whose intuitive interface makes it easy to connect to the KVM over IP switch and control computers direct from user's iPad.

Since the switch uses TCP/IP for its communications protocol, it can be accessed via its IP address from anywhere on the LAN, WAN, or Internet - whether the connecting computer is located down the hall, down the street, or half-way around the world. Remote operators can log in via their browser or make use of stand-alone Windows or Java GUI applications. Java allows the switch to work with JRE (Java Runtime Environment) enabled operating systems - ensuring multi-platform operability.

The client software allows operators to exchange keyboard, video and mouse signals with the servers attached to the switch just as if they were present locally and working on the  quipment directly. 

Up to 32 users can share the switch's buses. A Message Board feature allows them to communicate with each other to facilitate port sharing. Administrators can handle a multitude of maintenance tasks with ease - from installing and running GUI applications, to BIOS level troubleshooting, routine monitoring, concurrent maintenance, system administration, rebooting  and even pre-boot functions.


KN8064VB also supports web-friendly KVM-over-IP access with its Web Client Viewer functionality. Being fully compatible with major web browsers, the Web Client Viewer runs directly off the browser without Java or browser plug-in installation. Like the Java or Windows plug-in counterparts, the Web Client Viewer allows users to remotely access all the servers and PCs connected to the KN series, but benefiting from a more simultaneous, directaccess option for management and operation.

For added convenience to management, an iPad application - PadClient, is also available. It has an intuitive interface that makes real-time access and control of the servers/computers simple and mobile.

Local console operation is easily accomplished by entering hotkey combinations from the keyboard with a full screen GUI display.

Monitoring the installation's activities couldn't be easier. A convenient Auto Scan feature permits automatic switching from port to port at user-specified intervals, while the Panel Array  Mode can display the video output of up to 64 servers at the same time.

KN8064VB supports 8 buses and up to 64 connected and controlled computers. Each bus permits a separate user session so that up to 8 (shared local and remote) concurrent independent connections to the attached servers can take place.

KN8064VB provides out-of-band access with external modem support for BIOS-level troubleshooting when the network is down. It enables IT administrators to manage network devices (e.g. server, storage, router, and switch) in server rooms via management networks that are separate from the main / production networks. If there's difficulty in accessing the network devices through the production network, the administrators can still access them via the KVM switch. The KVM switch offers several out-of-band access methods, such as a direct console connection from a local computer, a USB console connection from a laptop, a PSTN connection via modem, or a dedicated management network connection via the Ethernet (LAN) port.

The switch features RJ-45 connectors allowing it to use CAT-5e cable to link to the servers. This space-saving innovation means that a full 64-port switch can be conveniently installed in a 2U system rack, and the installation can take advantage of the internal network wiring built into most modern commercial buildings.

Setup is fast and easy - plugging cables into their appropriate ports is all that is entailed. Because the switch intercepts keyboard input directly, there is no need to get involved in complex software installation routines, or to be concerned with incompatibility problems.

Since the firmware is upgradeable over the network, you can stay current with the latest functionality improvements simply by downloading firmware updates from our website as they become available.

With its powerful security features, the KVM over IP switch provides the fastest, most reliable, most cost-effective way to remotely access and manage widely distributed multiple server installations.

KN8064VB has an Adapter ID function that stores port information like the adapter ID, OS, keyboard language, adapter name, operation modes and more, so that when you move a KVM Adapter Cable from one port to another, the switch recognizes the same adapter cable at the new location. Also, for greater ease of use when moving the adapter cable to another switch, the adapter ID, OS, keyboard language, adapter name, and operation modes of the port stay with the adapter.

KN8064VB switch supports advanced virtual media functions that allow higher transmission speed and mapping of USB DVD/CD/hard drives and other storage media directly to a server. Virtual media support allows you to conduct file transfers, install applications and OS patches and perform diagnostics remotely. You can upgrade your entire installation from a single remote console located anywhere in the world.

KN8064VB offers dual power supplies so that if one of the power supplies fails, the second power supply automatically takes over. In addition to supporting dual power, they guard against power failure from your server room outlets. If your server room has more than one power source, connecting the power supplies to different power sources is a wise choice. If one of the server room power supplies loses power, the switch will automatically adjust the power it draws from the second source to keep functioning.

KN8064VB supports temperature sensors that can control internal fans. The sensors regulate the fans so that they run at optimum speed depending on the server room temperature - throttling down when necessary, to use energy more efficiently and prolong the life of both the fans and the switch.

KN8064VB is also audio enabled. Microphone and speakers are supported on the local console for servers connected with dongles that support analog (3.5mm) microphone and speakers. Speakers are supported on the remote users' computers only for servers connected with HDMI and DisplayPort dongles, as well as with dongles that support analog (3.5mm) speakers. Both microphone and speakers are supported on the remote users' computers only for servers connected with dongles that support analog (3.5mm) microphone and speakers.

KN8064VB can be integrated into ATEN's CC2000 management software. CC2000 puts administrators in complete control of remote data centers and branch offices no matter where they are in the world - allowing them to remotely monitor and control all devices on a network.

KN8064VB is compatible with ATEN's KVM over IP Console Station, the KA82 series (see listing below). The KA82 series is a standalone console that replaces PC or NB, enabling users to remotely access, monitor and control all servers connected to multiple ATEN's KN series with impenetrable security against virus threats. It is especially suitable for environments where a PC is not allowed.

To help you manage and control an entire data center, ATEN KN8064VB switch supports blade servers and chassis. With powerful features such as Power Association - KVM ports can be associated with ATEN PDU power outlets for power management of servers from the KVM over IP switch' user interface.

In addition, the KN series works with ATEN's PDU remote power management systems from the KVM over IP switch' user interface. 

Additional exclusive features of KN series include Message Board, Panel Array Mode, Mouse DynaSync™, and the adapter ID.

ATEN KVM over IP switch save user's time and money by allowing administrators to manage their data centers from practically anywhere - minimizing travel and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) costs, ensuring the highest availability for data center services.

• High port density - RJ-45 connectors and CAT-5e/6 cable for up to 64 ports in 2U housing
• Laptop USB Console (LUC) - a dedicated USB port directly connects to a laptop for easy console operation
• 8 separate buses for remote KVM over IP access
• Two 10/100/1000 Mbps NICs for redundant LAN or two IP operation
• Blade server support
• Supports PS/2, USB, Sun Legacy and serial (RS-232) connectivity
• Multiplatform server environments: Windows, Mac, Sun, Linux and VT100 based serial devices
• Audio enabled
• Dual power supply
• Video resolution up to 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz; 24-bit color depth
• Cascadable - controls up to 512 computers

• Simultaneously share one local console and eight independent connection(s) to the attached servers
• Integrated with ATEN CC2000 centralized management software and CCVSR video session recording software
• Supports 64 user accounts and up to 32 users can be logged in at the same time for control and management
• Green IT Fan - auto-fan-speed adjustment responding to temperature
• Event logging and Windows-based log server
• Event notification - supports notification of SMTP email, SNMP Trap, and SMS (with additional mobile devices)
• Event destination - event logs will be saved to Log server, Syslog server, and USB drive
• Firmware upgradeable
• Out-of-Band access - modem dial-in / dial-out / dial-back support
• Adapter ID - stores port information allowing administrators to relocate the servers to different ports, without having to re-configure the adapters and switch
• Port share mode - allows multiple users to gain access to a server simultaneously
• Supports ATEN KVM over IP console station (KA82xx series)
• Power association enables the switch's KVM ports to be associated with ATEN PDUs power outlets for remote power management
• Supports IPv4, IPv6

Ease-to-Use Interface
• Supports PadClient application on an iPad for mobile management
• Panel Array Mode™ - monitors all ports in a grid display (both local and remote screens)
• Local console, browser-based, and AP GUIs offer a unified multi-language interface to minimize the user training time and increase productivities
• Multiplatform client support (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Sun)
• Multi-browser support - Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Netscape
• Browser-based GUI in pure Web technology - allows administrators to perform administrative tasks without pre-installed software. (e.g. Java)
• Supports web-friendly KVM-over-IP access with HTML5 WebClient viewer - users can remotely access all the connected servers and PCs without Java or browser plug-in installation
• Users can launch multiple virtual remote desktop sessions to control multiple servers during the same login
• Full-screen or sizable and scalable virtual remote desktop
• Keyboard / mouse broadcast - keyboard and mouse signals can be duplicated across all servers simultaneously
• Video syncing with the local console - local console monitor's EDID information stored on the KVM adapter for display resolution optimization

Advanced Security
• High-grade security - supports FIPS 140-2 level 1 security standards that use an embedded FIPS 140-2 certified OpenSSL cryptographic module (Certificate #1747, #2398, #2473)
• Remote authentication support: RADIUS, LDAP, LDAPS, and MS Active Directory
• Supports TLS 1.2 data encryption and RSA 2048-bit certificates to secure users log in from browser
• Flexible encryption design allows users to choose any combination of 56-bit DES, 168-bit 3DES, 256-bit AES, 128-bit RC4, or random for independent keyboard / mouse, video, and virtual media data encryption
• Support for IP / MAC filter
• Configurable user and group permissions for server access and control
• Automated CSR creation utility and third party CA certificate authentication

Virtual Media
• Virtual media enhances data transmission performance, ideally for file transfers, OS patching, software installations and diagnostic testing
• Works with USB enabled servers in operating system and BIOS level
• Support USB 2.0 DVD / CD drives, USB mass storage devices, PC hard drives and ISO images

Virtual Remote Desktop
• Video quality such as monochrome color depth, threshold and noise settings, bandwidth increment / reduction can be adjusted for optimizing data transfer speed
• Mouse DynaSync™ - automatically synchronizes the local and remote mouse movements
• On-screen keyboard with multi-language support
• BIOS-level access for Troubleshooting

High Grade Security
FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography - provides a FIPS mode to use an embedded FIPS 140-2 certified OpenSSL cryptographic module.

Extreme Virtual Media Speed
Virtual media supports twice the transmission speed of comparable models and supports connecting to DVD/CD drives, USB mass storage devices, PC hard drives and ISO images. Virtual media allows you to conduct file transfers, application and OS patches and run diagnostics remotely.

Advanced FPGA Graphics Processor
With enhanced fps throughput for vivid responsive video displays, the switch offers resolutions up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz with 24-bit color depth at the local console up to 50m; and 24-bit for the remote sessions.

Panel Array (Multi-View) Mode
ATEN Exclusive Panel Array (multi-view) mode™ simultaneously monitoring for both local console operators and remote access users

Power Association
Used in conjunction with ATEN PDUs power management allows you to associate a KVM over IP Switch's port with a PDU's power outlet. With this you can manage the power of a server from the switch's interface - a single point of control. It also enables you to associate a second outlet if a server has a dual power supply and lets you synchronize the operation of both power supplies. In this way, Power Association reduces maintenance time and increases management efficiency.

Blade Server Support
Support for blade server associations with KVM switch ports allows the blade server chassis and individual blades to be integrated into the sidebar tree view and accessed easily.

Dual IP/Dual Power
Dual IP/ Dual Power supply operation provides the backup redundancy, and reliability. Should one of the IP or one of the power supplies become unavailable, the other will take over in order to keep the system functioning normally.

Configurable Network Bandwidth Settings
A network setting provided that allows you to streamline data throughput by adjusting the size of the data stream (bandwidth) to match network traffic conditions. Video performance can be adjusted so that data throughput is optimized for the available network bandwidth. With highspeed LAN access, the settings can be adjusted so that a greater amount of video data is sent, resulting in a higher quality video display. In a limited bandwidth situation, the settings can be adjusted so that net lag is minimized.

Mouse DynaSync™
Automatically synchronizes the local and remote mouse movements for perfect alignment of mouse pointers, regardless of server mouse acceleration settings.

Message Board
To alleviate the problem of access conflicts arising from multiple logins, the Message Board functions are similar to an Internet chat program, allowing users to instantly communicate with each other.

Intelligent Bus Assignment - Flexible Port Switching
With Intelligent Bus Assignment users are automatically assigned to one of eight buses as they log in. With flexible port switching, up to 32 users can be distributed over 8 separate bus sessions and multiple users are allowed to share access to one server for maxim efficiency.

Adapter ID
The Adapter ID function stores port information such as the Adapter ID, OS, keyboard language, adapter name, operation modes, and etc. This enables administrators to relocate the servers to different ports, without having to re-configure the adapters and the switch.

Optional KVM over IP Console Stations
For broadcast, control rooms, labs and studios, or anywhere instant access is needed and stringent security is required (replacing a PC), optional KVM over IP console stations (see listing below) provide high-performance, KVM-over-IP access in self-contained, low-maintenance appliances.

ATEN's KVM over IP console stations enable users to remotely access, monitor and control all servers connected to KN8064VB with impenetrable security against virus threats. They also support various data encryption methods, ensuring impervious data protection.

Their productive user interface supports simultaneous access to multiple servers, two or three or four monitors, Extended Desktop functionality, audio, virtual media and multi-viewing up to 64 servers simultaneously.

Package Contents
1x KN8064VB KVM over IP Switch
2x Power cords
2x SA0142 serial adapters
1x Mounting kit
2x Lok-U-Plugs
1x Lok-U-Plug installation tool
4x Foot pads
1x User instructions
Dongles are not included - see listing of compatible dongles


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