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AdderLink iPEPS+ HDMI

Model No. IPEPS-PLUS-US In stock

AdderLink iPEPS+ HDMI
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IPEPS-PLUS: HDMI-USB KVM over IP gateway for secure, real-time remote access 

from anywhere in the world 

• Independent operation: maintain full control even during boot up, BIOS level or computer crash states, it will work even if the controlled devices are not operational
• User authentication: LDAP integration with Active Directory is provided for enterprise level user authentication
• EDID management: intelligent EDID management allows the user to specify the video modes generated by the controlled device
• Local console: KVM connections are available for local user access
• KVM connections: HDMI 1.4 and USB (1.1, 2.0)
At the PC user experience: digital techniques preserve the quality of the user experience, such that keyboard and mouse operate with the same responsiveness as working directly at the host computer, and the quality of the video is indistinguishable with minimal latency

ADDERLink iPEPS+ is part of Adder's 'IPEPS' (IP Engine per Server) concept that delivers a complete, secure, non-blocking approach to computer management.

As a powerful and flexible digital KVM over IP product contained within a compact unit, iPEPS+ enables you to remotely access and control your critical computing hardware using your standard IP network from anywhere in the world, securely and remotely via the Internet or a corporate network. Using Real VNC client software that is specifically designed for secure, high performance KVM over IP applications, computers outside the network can be remotely and securely accessed.

Despite its small size, it offers high performance, including 1920x1200 video streaming at up to 30 frames per second, with non-blocking access for one local user and up to 8 remote users.

Independent Operation
Gives full control even during boot up, BIOS level or computer crash states. ADDERLink iPEPS+ will work even if the controlled device is not operational.

IPEPS-PLUSHigh Video Performance
ADDERLink iPEPS+ will accept an HDMI input up to 1920x1200 resolution. It incorporates the renowned VNC Viewer from Real VNC, which allows frame rates of up to 30fps, depending upon available network bandwidth and content. Alternatively, it may be used with any VNC viewer that supports RFB v3 or v4. The unit may be attached to computers with DVI or DisplayPort DP++ (dual-mode) with a converter cable.

Highly Secure
Enterprise grade security (using AES 128 or 256-bit encryption and RSA 2048-bit public key authentication) is employed as standard. This is further enhanced by VNC, which allows the creation of ciphered user communications.

User Management
ADDERLink iPEPS+ can create up to 16 user profiles with defined access rights. LDAP integration with Active Directory is provided for enterprise level user authentication. Up to 8 remote users may access the unit simultaneously.

EDID Management
ADDERLink iPEPS+ has intelligent EDID management allowing the user to specify the video modes generated by the controlled device.

Local Console
KVM connections are available for local user access. This may be useful during emergency and system maintenance activities.

Remote Gateway to ADDERLink Matrix Products
ADDERLink iPEPS+ may be used as a remote gateway into ADDERLink INFINITY, DDX and XDIP matrix systems, plus ADDERView AV4Pro switch. This will allow remote users to access any computer connected to the switch.

In the Box
1x ADDERLink iPEPS+ module
1x 12V power supply with locking connector plus country specific power cable [PSU-IEC-12VDC-1.5A]
1x HDMI cable 6.5 feet
1x USB Type-A to Type-B cable 6.5 feet
1x Quick setup guide
8x Self-adhesive rubber feet


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