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SV200 DVI KVM Switches

SV200 DVI KVM Switches

2- and 4-port DVI-I (including HDMI and VGA via adapters) KVM switches supporting audio, copy & paste between sources, optional USB 3.0 peripherals and mobile media view and fast charging
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1) SV220 Model No. SV220-001 Usually ships within 10-14 weeks or less


$382.00 MSRP: $546.00 - You save $164.00

2) SV240 Model No. SV240-001 Usually ships within 10-14 weeks or less


$688.00 MSRP: $983.00 - You save $295.00

2- and 4-port DVI KVM switches 

supporting DVI-I (including HDMI and VGA by use of adapters), USB 3.0 peripherals (SV240), audio, copy and paste between sources, mobile media view and fast charging (SV240)

Avocent SV200 HDMI desktop KVM switches provide streamlined connectivity and control of today's multimedia desktops. Avocent SV200 HDMI KVM switches support a wide range of peripherals and up to four different systems or networks. When employees need access to PCs, scanners, printers, mobile devices, corporate ERP and CRM systems, mail servers or Ultra-HD multimedia systems — all of these and more are accessible through Avocent SV200 HDMI KVM switches.

Simply by pushing a button, users gain instant access to multiple computers and peripherals, all through a single monitor, keyboard and mouse.

With Avocent SV200 HDMI KVM switch you can:
• Increase productivity with simple, rapid access to systems and peripherals
• Gain true image reproduction and display flexibility with support for Ultra-HD systems and mobile devices
• Reduce costs with fewer peripheral purchases and easier IT maintenance

SV220: 2 ports

SV240: 4 ports; 3x USB 3.0 ports for peripheral sharing (1x fast-charging)