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AutoView 3108

Model No. AV3108-400 Usually ships in 7-10 business days or less

AutoView 3108
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AV3108: 8-port KVM over IP switch 

provides access to a remote user via a Web browser + local access at the rack to control DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, or VGA, USB or PS/2 targets, with CAC and virtual-media support 

Built for small datacenters and remote/branch office environments, AutoView 3000-series KVM over IP switches provide consolidated, streamlined access to server resources. Centralize the management of the switches with DSView 4 management software.

AV3108 switch supports one user (either remote or local) to control up to eight servers.

When in share mode, additional, authenticated users can share remote sessions for a total of up to 4 remote, concurrent users. Each AutoView™ switch supports VGA, DisplayPort, DVI and HDMI video targets and four USB 2.0 ports for USB enabled devices.

When additional systems are added, AutoView switches can be tiered to provide consolidated management of up to 256 servers.

Streamlined Management
Vertiv Avocent AV3000-series KVM over IP switches ship with two intuitive, integrated management interfaces: OSCAR™ on-screen display for local access and the Web User Interface for remote management.

Additionally, AV3000-series KVM over IP switches are compatible with Avocent DSView™ management software for consolidated management across the infrastructure.

In high security environments, CAC support with encryption for smart cards and password protection for local users, provides security you can depend on for your virtual media sessions. AES encryption can be selected for keyboard, mouse and video signals and virtual media sessions.

Vertiv Avocent IP KVM vs Embedded Server Management (Service Processors)
• Provides plug-n-play access and control supporting a vendor-agnostic compute environment
• Higher level of overall security and easier to deploy, maintain, and administrate
• Can co-exist with other Vertiv IT management solutions covering network devices, power control, and virtualization access through a central portal solution

Java FreePowerful User Access Control
• Grant access to specified users or implement LDAP directory authentication
• Limit KVM access to specific targets on the switch
• Enable smart card or CAC readers to support two factor authentication
• Support HTML5* viewer for more secured and Java-free KVM access

Streamlined Management
Virtual Media support allows servers to access storage media attached to the KVM, enabling out-of-band file transfers and OS patch deployments.

Local Port Access
Support for virtual media, USB keyboards and mice.

AV3108Single Solution
Support for USB, PS/2, Sun target devices in a single solution.

Graphical, Multilingual OSD
Advanced, graphical On-Screen Display eases system configuration and server selection.

CAT-5, thin cabling saves space in the rack and allows up to a 98 foot distance between the server and the switch.

Intelligent Cabling
Server interface modules and integrated access cables automatically assign and retain unique server names for each attached server.

Features and Benefits
• Grant access to specified users or implement LDAP directory authentication
• Limit KVM access to specific targets on the switch
• Enable smart card or CAC readers to support two factor authentication
• Local-port access - support for virtual media, USB keyboards and mice
• Advanced, graphical On-Screen Display eases system onfiguration and server selection
• Virtual media support - share a directly connected USB storage device to all servers connected to a KVM switch (a DSAVIQ-USB2 module is required for virtual media support)
• Common access card (CAC)/smart card support - enhances security to meet US government regulation HSPD12 which is required for ensuring secure login to government systems (an AVRIQ-VMC module is required for CAC support)
• Flash upgrade - fast and easy upgrades to firmware switches and server interface modules
• Easy to use - vonfigure your system name and select your servers from the convenient OSD
• Uses standard CAT-5 cables
• OS independent - BIOS-level access ensures connection to the attached servers regardless of the health or type of operating system
• Compatible with the Avocent DSView 4 Management software for a centralized and secure management of IT assets

In the Box
• AutoView™ AV3108 switch
• Rack mount bracket kit
• AC power cord
• Quick installation guide
Dongles and cables are not included - see listing below for compatible CATx dongles and cables

* HTML5 viewer does not support smartcard and virtual media for CD drive and removable drive


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