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USB/VGA/Audio KVM Cables

USB/VGA/Audio KVM Cables

4-in-one USB/VGA/audio KVM cables provide VGA video, USB keyboard & mouse, 3.5mm audio and 3.5mm microphone connections in a single compact cable
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USB/VGA/Audio KVM Cable, 10-feet

1) USB/VGA/Audio KVM Cable, 10-feet Model No. USBVGA4N1A10 In stock

$22.39 Compare to MSRP $27.99 - You save $5.60
USB/VGA/Audio KVM Cable, 6-feet

2) USB/VGA/Audio KVM Cable, 6-feet Model No. USBVGA4N1A6 In stock

$19.29 Compare to MSRP $30.99 - You save $11.70

Connect computers with VGA video, USB, audio and microphone to a KVM switch 

with these 4-in-one cables 

These 4-in-1 USB KVM cables provide VGA video, USB mouse and keyboard, 3.5mm audio, and 3.5mm microphone connections, all in a single, compact cable.

A reliable and hassle-free way to connect USB and VGA KVM switches, these high quality VGA USB KVM switch cables are backed by a's Lifetime Warranty.

The Advantage
• 4-in-1 cable design minimizes tangles and provides built-in cable management
• Single cable design improves flexibility

Features and Benefits
• High quality video cable uses coaxial and twisted pair wiring to maintain optimal video signals
• KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) switch cables allows you to connect your computers to a KVM switch
• Lifetime warranty