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DVI-I KVM Switches

DVI-I KVM Switches

2- and 4-port DVI-I dual-link KVM switches with USB 2.0 sharing, to access and control two or four DVI, VGA or HDMI computers from a single USB keyboard/mouse and one monitor
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1) SM-DVN-2S Model No. SM-DVN-2S-S Usually ships within two weeks or less


$186.75 MSRP: $249.00 - You save $62.25

2) SM-DVN-4S Model No. SM-DVN-4S-S Usually ships within two weeks or less


$374.00 MSRP: $499.00 - You save $125.00

2-port DisplayPort or HDMI or DVI KVM switches 

with USB 2.0 peripheral sharing, to access and control two computers from a single USB keyboard/mouse and one monitor 

SmartAVI DVI-I KVM switches are multi-platform KVM switches capable of managing two or four computers through one monitor, one USB keyboard/mouse, and a set of speakers, while sharing USB devices like printers, memory devices, scanners, etc.

The video connectors on the units are DVI-I, which allows support for DVI, or VGA, or HDMI using inexpensive passive adapters or adapter-cables. Connected computers can be a mix of either DVI or HDMI when using DVI or HDMI monitors.

SmartAVI DVI-I KVM switches support resolution of up to 2560x1600 @ 60Hz with zero pixel loss from TMDS signal correction.

Flexible Control
Any external device or program supporting RS-232 can control SmartAVI DVI-I KVM switches. SmartAVI DVI-I KVM switches use a very simple protocol, enabling easy integration with the RS-232 control devices.
A front-panel push-button along with keyboard hot-keys also allow the user to switch and control all the different functions of the KVM switch.

Flexible Sharing
SmartAVI DVI-I KVM switches support independent simultaneous device selection. It enables the use of a USB keyboard and mouse on one computer while other USB peripherals such as speakers, scanners and printers are connected to the other computer source. SmartAVI DVI-I KVM switches maintains the ability to switch all connected devices to any one of the computer sources as with any other KVM switch in the market.

SM-DVN-2S: 2 computer ports

SM-DVN-4S: 4 computer ports