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RG59 Compression RCA Connectors

RG59 Compression RCA Connectors

Customize the length of your home theater or broadcast video cables by using these reliable, nickel-plated RG59 compression RCA connectors
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1) RG59 Compression RCA Connector - 10-Pack Model No. 41116 In stock

$21.44 Compare to MSRP $32.99 - You save $11.55

2) RG59 Compression RCA Connector - 50-Pack Model No. 41118 In stock

$71.49 Compare to MSRP $109.99 - You save $38.50
Customize Your Home Theater, Broadcast Video and CCTV Surveillance Cables; Easier than Traditional RCA Connectors.

Nickel-plated brass provides years of reliable service. Barbs within the connector centerpin provide a reliable signal path, and ensure a positive connection to the cable's center conductor. These connectors are a breeze to install and more reliable and easier to use than soldering RCA connectors.

Simply prepare the cable in the same manner as an F-Type connector, insert the connector onto the coax cable and compress it with the 3-in-1 compression tool (item #38011).