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Console serial port switches that control up to 32 network serial devices locally from one ASCII terminal or through an Ethernet interface
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SERIMUX 16-Ports

1) SERIMUX 16-Ports Model No. SERIMUX-CS-16 In stock


$719.00 MSRP: $785.00 - You save $66.00

2) SERIMUX 8-Ports Model No. SERIMUX-CS-8 In stock


$588.00 MSRP: $640.00 - You save $52.00

SERIMUX® console serial port switches provide remote network management from one central location. Up to 16 network devices can be controlled locally from one ASCII dumb terminal with menu-driven integrated software, the front panel keypad, or optional Ethernet interface.

These intelligent console switches provide a convenient method of connecting multiple RS216 devices for on-site and dial-up remote communications.

Network administrators can manage server farms or data centers via serial ports and standard external modems. Out-of-band access allows administrators to control multiple UNIX computers and LAN/WAN components, even if the network is down!

Obtain status, manage servers, and diagnose problems, all without shutting down devices. Troubleshooting failures is simplified by built-in data buffers which save recent RS216 console output from each connected device. These serial port switches eliminates the need to connect each device to a dumb terminal or PC.

Remote access is convenient and secure, with port-specific names and passwords. Administrators can individually access and configure each port. SERIMUX™ switches are controlled by push buttons on the front panel, or via a dumb terminal by a menu-driven integrated software.