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3-Slot Rack-Mount Chassis

Model No. 500905 In stock

3-Slot Rack-Mount Chassis
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500905: Rack-mount three (3) MuxLab Transmitters/Receivers across a 19" rack 

occupying only 1U rack space 

Designed for small commercial and residential applications, the rack-mount transceiver chassis allows several MuxLab desktop transceivers to be mounted in a 1U 19" relay rack for custom audio-video applications where the source equipment is installed in a central wiring room.

Supports the line of LongReach CCTV IP PoE extenders and the shorter distance CCTV IP PoE extenders both over coax cable. MuxLab's line of CCTV IP Extenders over CAT-5e/6 cable are also designed to fit in the chassis.

The 3-slot rack-mount transceiver chassis fits most MuxLab extenders including: 500112, 500114, 500451, 500451-PoE, 500453, 500454, 500454-PoE, 500456, 500753, 500754, 500755 and 500756.

• Custom AV installations
• Head-end audio-video systems
• Home and commercial AV systems
• Boardroom systems
• Surveillance systems
• Digital signage systems

Features and Benefits
• Space efficient - 1U height
• One-piece design
• Latching mechanism for secure installation
• Supports up to three (3) transceivers
• Snap-in design for ease of installation
• Includes four (4) rack-mount screws and washers
• Slot number silkscreen on front and rear
• Warranty: Lifetime