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KVM-SM48 KVM Switching Manager for SVX/MVX

Model No. 4002 Out of stock

KVM-SM48 KVM Switching Manager for SVX/MVX
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4002: KVM switching manager for SVX/MVX

software for managing a KVM over IP network of up to 48 endpoints in one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many configurations

KVM-SM48 Switching Manager is an intelligent software solution from kvm-tec for managing all KVM extenders connected in a matrix switching system with up to 48 endpoints. 

Copper and fiber extenders can be installed together in kvm-tec's mix & match system. Plug and Play installation interfaces to and from other systems are integrated.

Local and remote units can be connected or disconnected with a touch or mouse-click and the extenders are ideally arranged with their status color-coded in order to provide a quick overview of  the system. For a quick overview, the extenders are arranged in an optimized way and the status of the extenders is highlighted in color.

Video-sharing, smart handling
Thanks to its intuitive control system, kvm-tec's KVM-SM48 Switching Manager is quick and easy to operate. All extenders in the switching system can be displayed and can be flexibly named and renamed to suit requirements.

KVM Switching ManagerThe disconnection or renaming is implemented via convenient symbol buttons. Video-sharing with other endpoints can likewise be implemented easily with the kvm-tec's KVM-SM48 Switching Manager with a touch or mouse-click.

Overview with perspective - System status and update
The detailed view shows which devices are active in the switching system and which firmware version is installed on the devices. It is also possible to read out the ID for release codes in this area.

The facility to release options with the KVM-SM48 Switching Manager is likewise integrated, as are interfaces to and from other systems. The current extender firmware version can be queried and all extenders can be updated with a click in the detailed view.

Plug and play installation also supports interfaces to and from other integrated systems (like AMX or Crestron).

Features and Benefits
• Easy login and logout (admin & user)
• Intuitive control through colored stored extender status
• Grid and treeview layout
• Flexible renaming of extenders in the system
• Icons for control, disconnect and connection and sharing
• Extender binding
• Stores up to 5 various scenarios
• Display of the user sessions
• Update management for all extenders in the switching system
• Extender setting definition
• Multihead groups and static partner
• Mouse Glide & Switch support
• 4K Multiview Commander management
• Unlocking kvm-tec upgrades
• Displays the current firmware version