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Image 1 of 7 - KW-14T Transmitter unit, top view view
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Wireless HDMI transmitter & receiver 

up to 100 feet, including through walls and furniture 

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Quick Facts
• Max. Data Rate - 6.75Gbps
• Deep Color up to 12-bit
• Transmits to up to four receivers simultaneously
• Pair Receivers with multiple Transmitters
• Secure Link - Uses AES-128 bit encryption
• Range - Up to 30m (100 feet)
• IR remote rontrol with On-Screen Display
• Audio - E

KW-14 wireless extender offers short-range wireless AV distribution ideal for indoor presentation and multimedia applications, including meeting rooms, classrooms, and more.

KW-14 consists of pre-associated high-definition, wireless, HDMI transmitter/receiver pair. KW-14 provides unparalleled extension versatility with up to four KW-14R receivers receiving from a single KW-14T transmitter and up to three transmitters paired with a single receiver, simultaneously.

KW-14T and KW-14R are a high-definition, wireless, HDMI transmitter/receiver pair for indoor use. Up to four KW-14R receivers can receive from one KW-14T transmitter and up to three KW-14T transmitters can be paired with one KW-14R receiver. The KW-14T and KW-14R pair comes pre-associated.

KW-14T converts an HDMI signal into a wireless signal. KW-14R converts the wireless signal back into HDMI. The transmitter and receiver use MIMO (Multi-Input and Multi-Output) wireless communication technology to transfer HDMI, multi-channel embedded audio, and IR signals.

AES-128 encryption provides a secure link. Multiple receivers can be associated with a single transmitter.

KW-14Features and Benefits
• Uncompressed video resolutions up to 1080p @ 60Hz
• Embedded audio
• Zero latency
• Automatic sleep mode triggered when there with no input or link for three minutes
• EDID - Auto EDID Adjustment - To allow multi-screen support
• HDCP (HDCP sources are supported only when all connected displays support HDCP)
• OSD (On Screen Display) for simplified setup and configuration
• IR remote control which enables the OSD menu to be displayed on the output display
• Up to four receivers can be associated with one transmitter
• Up to three transmitters can be associated with one receiver
• Transmission through walls and furniture
• Secure link using AES-128 bit encryption
• Max. Data Rate - 6.75Gbps (2.25Gbps per graphic channel), Deep Color up to 12-bit
• Transmission range of up to 30m (100 feet) including through walls and furniture
• Automatic frequency selection which selects the most suitable frequencies and prevents RF interference
• Automatic Sleep Mode - After three minutes when no input or link is detected

In the Box
1x KW-14T (Transmitter)
1x KW-14R (Receiver)
1x IR remote control with battery
2x power adapters
2x HDMI 0.9m cables
1x IR emitter cable
1x quick-start guide


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