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Tavor 5-O Speakers

Tavor 5-O Speakers

5.25-inch, on-wall 2-way powered indoor stereo speaker pairs (active and passive), 45Hz to 20kHz, with 2x30W RMS continuous program amplifier and volume control
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Tavor 5-O, Black

1) Tavor 5-O, Black Model No. TAVOR-5-O(PAIR)/BLACK/US In stock


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MSRP: $325.00
Tavor 5-O, White

2) Tavor 5-O, White Model No. TAVOR-5-O(PAIR)/WHITE/US In stock


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MSRP: $325.00

5.25-inch, on-wall 2-way powered speakers 

• Available in white and black
• Indoor system
• Woofer - 5.25"
• Tweeter - 0.5"
• Frequency - 45Hz to 20kHz
• Volume control
• 2 Speakers (1 pair)

Tavor 5-O is a pair of 5.25-inch powered two-way speakers designed for indoor wall mounting. The active speaker accepts a line-level stereo input and amplifies it using a built-in amplifier and outputs a speaker signal to the passive speaker.

Tavor 5-O is enclosed in an ABS cabinet and can be mounted indoors on the wall, vertically or horizontally. The mounting brackets are made of hardened steel that attach to eachs speaker, letting you rotate each speaker to the left or right.

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