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Secure 4-port, 4K HDMI and/or DisplayPort* KVM switch 

with a dedicated CAC port, NIAP Common Criteria Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Device version 4.0 certified 

Why Secure KVM Switch?
Traditional non-secure KVM switches offer centralized control of multiple computers, but offer no absolute isolation between them. This exposes systems to the possibility of malicious damage and disruption, and acquisition of sensitive data from one computer to another.

iPGARD's secure KVM switch is designed for use in secure defense and intelligence applications where sensitive data must be protected. The switch is NIAP PPs 4.0 certified and equipped with the highest security features that meet today's information assurance safe control standards. The switch prevents data leakage between computers that can run at different security levels, eliminating any potential cyber threat.

Each model is equipped with internal anti-tamper switches, which sense attempts to open the device enclosure. Once the system identifies such an attempt, all the front panel LEDs will flash rapidly and the unit will become useless by shutting off connection with all attached PCs and peripherals disabling any functionality. The unit's enclosure is also protected with a tamper-evident seal to provide a visual evidence if the unit has been opened.

Ultra-Secure KVM Switching
SA-HDN-4S-P is a 4-port HDMI and/or DisplayPort* KVM switch with a dedicated CAC port and support for 4K (3840x2160 @ 60Hz) resolution video. SA-HDN-4S-P allows users to control KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) operation on four computers with HDMI or DisplayPort video. It features mechanical, electrical and optical signal isolation to prevent hacking and data leakage in environments where security is paramount. The unit's controller has a special protection feature that prevents reprogramming or reading the firmware.

NIAP Common Criteria PPS 4.0

With SA-HDN-4S-P, all data relays are controlled by inverted signals, shielding connections from outside intrusion by forcing them each to work one at a time. Each port uses its own isolated data channel and each unit features non-reprogrammable ROM to better protect the switch's functions. Better yet, SA-HDN-4S-P offers the highest security when accessing classified and public networks over the Internet through these isolated connections. By isolating connections between networks, SA-HDN-4S-P ensures no data is leaked between secure ports and the outside world.

SA-HDN-4S-P has clearly marked front-panel buttons for controlling the devices, so securely switching between sources is always simple. For high-grade secure switching made easy, look no further than SA-HDN-4S-P.

CAC Support
SA-HDN-4S-P supports CAC devices such as smart-card and biometric readers, bolstering security when using the device. However, iPGARD takes CAC security even further, allowing users to assign specific peripheral devices to SA-HDN-4S-P's CAC port. Once a peripheral device has been registered by an authenticated admin, users can then switch the connection between that device and the PC's along with KVM switching.

Keyboard and Mouse Emulation
The secure KVM switch emulates (simulates) the presence of a keyboard and mouse for every attached computer through a USB cable. Both selected and non-selected computers maintain a constant connection with the unit's keyboard-mouse emulation controllers, allowing for ultra-fast switching and restricting discovery of newly connected peripherals during switching operations. Emulation of keyboard and mouse also prevents direct connection between the peripherals and the connected computers, shielding systems from potential vulnerabilities. Opto-isolators are used in the unit to keep USB data paths electrically isolated from each other, providing high isolation and preventing data leakage between ports.

Secure EDID Learn and Video Emulation
SA-HDN-4S-P simulates a generic EDID as default, allowing it to operate most of the connected monitors. Both selected and non-selected computers maintain a constant connection with the unit's video and EDID emulation controllers, allowing for ultra-fast switching and restricting discovery of newly connected monitors during switching operations. Upon activating the KVM switch, the unit will quickly and automatically learn new EDID for specific monitors. The unit prevents unwanted and unsecure data from getting transmitted between the computers and the display.

4K Ultra-HD

Key Features and Benefits
• Supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems
• Single-head DisplayPort and/or HDMI video interface
• 4K Ultra-HD resolution - supports up to 3840x2160 @ 60Hz
• Supports balanced speakers output and switching
• Advanced configurable CAC port
• Front panel tactile buttons for secure channel switching and LED channel indicators
• Keyboard, mouse and video emulation
• External power supply - Level VI efficiency

Security Features
• Non-reprogrammable ROM
NIAP Common Criteria• No external interfaces can be used, only keyboard, mouse and CAC devices accepted
• Secure channel switching with leak prevention, no hotkeys
• Peripheral and authentication ports isolation for secure usage
• Computer interface isolation while powered or unpowered
• Active anti-tamper switches
• Long-life internal anti-tampering battery
• External tamper-evident seals and anti-tampering technology
Made in the USA• No wireless devices connected
• Ensures only trusted admin gains access
• Absolute isolation - no data leakage between ports and no data is ever stored
• Certified by NIAP, the latest Common Criteria Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switch Version 4.0) 

Package Includes
• SA-HDN-4S-P switch
• Power adapter [PS12V2A]
• Cables not included

Required Cables (per port)
1x HDMI, male-male or 1x DisplayPort, male-male
2x USB, Type-A to Type-B
1x Audio, 3.5mm, male-male

* Notes
1) Each connected computer's video interface may be either HDMI or DisplayPort.
2) One computer may use an HDMI video connection to the switch while another computer may use a DisplayPort video connection.
3) Only one video connection per computer is supported.
4) Connected monitor may have either HDMI or DisplayPort video connection.
5) Only one video connection to one monitor is supported.


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