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HDMI/USB/Audio KVM Cable, 6 Feet

Model No. CCHDMMKVM06 In stock

Solutions by iPGARD

Specializing in the development and manufacturing of cyber-security solutions approved by NIAP (which is managed by the NSA), iPGARD is a BAA*-compliant American innovator of cutting-edge digital protection products, with its products designated PPs 4.0, the highest grade of protection approved by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP).

Founded by veterans of the Air Force and KVM market, iPGARD offers solutions built to fit customers' unique set of needs, including KVM switches, extenders, and fiber optic technology products.

From identifying vulnerabilities to securely isolating networks, iPGARD team is comprised of national and international cyber-security experts who hold the promise of American-made digital protection for organizations that handle confidential information such as government, military, financial, medical, and commercial markets.

Standard warranty: One year

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