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DisplayPort Cable, Male-Male, 6 Feet

Model No. CCDPMM06 In stock

DisplayPort Cable, Male-Male, 6 Feet
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CCDPMM06: DisplayPort cable 

male to male, supporting 4K video resolution 

This DisplayPort cable supports high resolutions of up to 4K (3840x2160, 60Hz) with a maximum HBR2 bandwidth of 21.6Gbps, as well as audio support. The cable also supports Multi-Stream Transport (MST) for daisy chaining multiple monitors.

The cable is DisplayPort (VESA) certified to support DisplayPort 1.2 specifications and ensure a high-quality, reliable connection for all of your DisplayPort devices.

Designed and constructed for maximum durability, this high quality digital video cable is backed by a lifetime warranty, and ensures that digitally protected content is displayed properly, with both HDCP and DPCP capability.