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High Frequency TV/Satellite Splitters

High Frequency TV/Satellite Splitters

Distribute your cable TV or satellite signal up to 4 ways by using these high frequency splitters; featuring zinc-plating to prevent RF leakage
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High-Frequency 2-Way Splitter

1) High-Frequency 2-Way Splitter Model No. 41020 In stock

$12.99 MSRP: $20.00 - You save $7.01
High-Frequency 3-Way Splitter

2) High-Frequency 3-Way Splitter Model No. 41021 In stock

$20.15 MSRP: $31.00 - You save $10.85
High-Frequency 4-Way Splitter

3) High-Frequency 4-Way Splitter Model No. 41022 In stock

$20.79 MSRP: $32.00 - You save $11.21

2- 3- and 4-Way Splitters for Satellite and Cable TV, or Antenna Distribution.

These high frequency splitters are compatible with digital broadcast television, digital cable television, off-air antennas and satellite distribution from 15 to 2,150 MHz.

Zinc-plated, die-cast housing with precision-machined ports and a soldered back ensure 140 dB isolation against RF leakage. PC board technology eliminates low frequency hum for less noise, and provides a clean, stable return path for data from the cable box or cable modem. DC-passive for devices requiring DC power such as amplified antennas and DBS dishes.