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KVM LCD Consoles

Also known as KVM Drawers or LCD Console Trays, KVM LCD Consoles are rack-mounted all-in-one computer consoles with an integrated keyboard, touch-pad and a folding LCD display. The rack-mounted unit typically occupies only 1U at the rack, and slides out for use when needed. Learn more...

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1U ultra-short-depth (for working in narrow spaces) single- or dual-rail USB / HDMI / DVI / VGA wide-screen LCD KVM console drawers w/ keyboard/touch-pad LED illumination lighting

Ultra-Short-Depth LCD Console Drawers

Starting at $1,209.00 view

Single-port, 1U rack-mount single-rail KVM drawers with DVI/HDMI/VGA/USB connections featuring a 17.3-inch wide-screen LCD panel, a full keyboard and a touch pad

DVI/HDMI/VGA LCD KVM Console Drawers

Starting at $1,479.00 view